Jacuzzi JMC16 First Stage Filtration System: Removes 80% of the Dirt Before the Pool Filter!

The Jacuzzi JMC16 Multicyclone reduces pool filter cleaning by spinning out debris before it reaches your pool filter system. This is considered a pre-filter and it will complement any pool filtration system. Imagine 80% less dirt getting to your pool filter and that sums up the JMC16.

There are a few things to note about installing a Pre-filter. It does require some space above your pool pump and if you have a wall or the equipment is behind a structure be aware that it may stick up higher than your pool filter. That is just a note for aesthetics and does not affect the pool equipment in any other way. These are great for new construction because they can be added in easily but just be aware that you have to make sure your current equipment pad can accommodate the JMC16.

If you have a D.E. filter there is a second caution and that is that you will need to plumb in an additional bypass to the JMC16 unit so that when the time comes to add D.E. you can bypass the device since it will spin out any D.E. you will add into the skimmer. Not a deal-breaker but I would consider that if your D.E. filter is already older to just change it for a cartridge filter. That way you don’t need to deal with the D.E. powder any longer but of course, that is just a suggestion. If you have an existing D.E. filter carefully see if you have room for both the JMC16 and the bypass plumbing.

For those with sand and cartridge filters, the JMC16 pre-filtration system is a real game-changer! Imagine again 80% of the dirt that would enter the filter being essentially trapped before it ever enters the filter. This means that for a sand filter you will not be backwashing the pool nearly as often and for a cartridge filter you will do fewer filter cleanings since the cartridges will essentially stay clean longer. If you live in an area where dirt in your pool is an issue having one installed would be a smart idea.

Another note of caution since it will trap just about everything down to 5 microns you will not be able to put any dry chemicals into the pool skimmer with the JMC16 attached. No baking soda, soda ash, bags of shock, granular Cyanuric Acid, and D.E. as mentioned above. Keep that in mind so that you add all of your dry chemicals directly to your pool.

Here are some of the highlights of the product:
Spins out debris as tiny as 5 microns before it reaches your pool filter
Essential for suction side pool cleaners
No moving parts
Never negatively affects water flow – even when full of debris
Reduces filter cleaning
Extends all filtration maintenance cycles – at least 4 times longer
Simple installation – requires no additional equipment pad space
Installs directly to your existing pool pump
2-Year Warranty

To order: https://lesliespool.com/jacuzzi-jmc16-multicyclone/42290.html#description-btn-div/?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=spll&utm_campaign=spll

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