Jacuzzi JD48 48 sq ft D.E. Filter Multiport Valve Included! With a 3 Year Warranty

First off the new Jacuzzi JDE pool filter is made here in the USA. This assures you are getting a well manufactured and quality product. The fact that Leslie’s gives you a solid 3-year warranty through their Equipment Protection Plan (2-year manufacturer plus 1 extra year from Leslie’s) is another sign that they stand behind their product.

Here are some of the features of the JDE48:

The Jacuzzi JDE48 48 sq. ft. DE In-Ground Pool Filter provides superior efficiency and water clarity for in-ground pools and spas of all types.

Includes multiport valve
2-1/2″ internal piping
Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene body for superior strength
Multi-Handle design
Heavy-duty tamper-proof clamp
industry-proven D.E. grids
“Start-Service” dial on the stainless steel pressure gauge
1-1/2″ bottom clean-out port
2-1/2″ hi-temp PVC slide valve available
2-1/2″ x 2″ Multi-Port Valves – available in Slip or FPT
Convertible to cartridge by simply changing the internals
Manufactured in USA
2-Year Limited Warranty

Jacuzzi D.E. Pool Filters are high-performance swimming pool and spa filters manufactured from durable, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. They are designed for continuous or intermittent operation, for fresh or saltwater in-ground swimming pools or spas.

Most D.E. filters don’t come with the backwash valve included but Jacuzzi decided to sell the JDE60 with an included Multi-Port Valve. You may be more familiar with the push/pull piston-type backwash valve, but the Multi-Port valve is much superior in many ways. It gives you many more options besides backwash and you will like the added features. One that comes in very handy is the vacuum to “Waste” mode where you can manually vacuum your pool and everything bypasses the filter and is sent out the backwash line.

They also have a larger 60 sq ft JDE60 available if you are looking for a larger D.E. Filter for your pool. I would say if you have a pool larger than 12,000 gallons go with the JDE60 filter. For anything under this size, the JDE48 would work well. The larger the filter the better in my opinion.

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