Jacuzzi JCZ-F2C Multi-Color LED Color Changing Light Fixture: 7 Light Shows and 5 Solid Colors!

If you are still using an old 300-watt or 400-watt pool light, it is high time to upgrade your pool light to the newer LED lights. This will require installing a completely new light fixture and cord, but the cost will be offset by the energy savings. You will save over 90% of your energy cost going forward. The Jacuzzi® JPX-LED would be a perfect light fixture to upgrade to.

There are two models:
JCZ-F2C-120-100 – JPX LED Pool Fixture Light 120 Volt with 100 ft Cord & Jacuzzi® (LPM Part #: 54281) and the JCZ-F2C-120-50 – JPX LED Pool Fixture Light 120 Volt with 50 ft Cord (LPM Part #: 54280) would be a great choice.

Depending on the above model both light fixtures are the same except for the cord length. One is 100 ft and the other is 50 ft. You would choose the light fixture cord length based on how far the junction box sits from the pool light. Both lights are backed by a 3-year warranty and feature color-changing abilities. Here is more about the JPX LED lights:

Jacuzzi JPX LED Pool Fixture Light 120 Volt with 100 ft Cord will turn your swimming pool into a color-rich paradise!
Pool Light Features
High output LED’s optimize color saturation and light intensity
Reduces energy consumption by 90%
Choose from Five (5) solid colors and Seven (7) light shows!
Operates effectively with most Jandy® and Pentair® Automation systems
Up to 50,000 Hours of LED Lamp Life
About Jacuzzi JPX Multi-Color LED Pool Fixtures
Add some color to your backyard experience with Jacuzzi JPX Multi-Color LED Pool Fixtures. Instantly transform your backyard swimming pool into a color-rich paradise. Combining the industry’s most advanced LED components, heavy-duty stainless steel construction, and a sleek, modern-looking bezel, these light fixtures will last and perform as good as they look.

5 Vivid Solid Colors:
Deep Blue
True Red
Kelly Green
Pure White

7 Pre-Programed Light Shows:
Aurora (Slow Color Fade)
Color Rainbow (Slow Color Fade)
American Flag (Red/White/Blue)
Pool Party (Random Color)
Fast Flash (Random Color)
Seascape (Blue/Green)
Summer Night (Gradual Color Fade)


The cost to run the new light fixture will vary by region. Figure to spend anywhere between $300 to $500 on the installation depending on the difficulty of pulling the cord to the junction box. The light is also compatible with most automated systems and works perfectly attached to the existing switch. Just note that you will have to flip the switch multiple times to set the light at solid color choice or light show you desire. Once set the light will stay on the setting until you change it again.

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