Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Compact, Efficient and Backed by a 3 Year Warranty!

The Jacuzzi JCRX In-ground Robotic Cleaner provides powerful cleaning with rotating brushes to vacuum and scrub your pool floor and walls. Utilizing patented technology from their partnership with Polaris, the JCRX is loaded with the latest technology. It also features a patented Lift System that allows you to effortlessly remove the cleaner from the pool.

Here are some key features:
STRONG SUCTION POWER – Pulls in dirt and debris
COMPLETE COVERAGE – Cleans pool floor, scales walls, and maneuvers obstacles with ease
EASY-TO-SEE LARGE DEBRIS BASKET – A clear lid and interior light let you see when the debris basket is full
ROTATING SCRUBBING BRUSHES – Brush design helps direct dirt towards the inlet for more effective cleaning
ILLUMINATED DEBRIS CANISTER – Leslie’s exclusive feature
CLEANER CADDY – Transport and store cleaner with ease
60′ TANGLE-FREE CORD – Twirling design prevents the cable from tangling
TREADS – All-terrain tank treads traverse pool surfaces and obstacles
SCRUBBING BRUSHES – Directs dirt up and into the debris basket
DEBRIS BASKET – Holds large amounts of debris and is easy to empty

The Jacuzzi JCRX In-ground Robotic Cleaner provides powerful cleaning with rotating brushes to vacuum and scrub your pool floor and walls. The JCRX is full of user-friendly features that make cleaning your pool easier than ever — including a large, lighted debris canister with a clear lid to see when it’s full; retrieval mode for lightweight, easy removal, and a convenient caddy to transport the cleaner with minimal lifting.

Product Type: Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
Pool Cleaner Type: Robotic
Pool Type: In-Ground
Cord Length: 60 ft Tangle-Free Cord
Treads: All Terrain
Caddy Cart: Yes

Order Today!: https://lesliespool.com/jacuzzi-jcrx-robotic-pool-cleaner/63658.html

One of the things that I really like about the new JCRX is the overall compact nature of the cleaner. Small but mighty is a good way to sum this little guy up. The Double Helix brush on the front is a beast with dirt and debris. And the tracks give this cleaner exceptional climbing ability. I also like how much time this cleaner spends on the tiles at the waterline. Backed by an industry 3-year warranty (if purchased at your local Leslie’s) and the proven technology of Polaris you cannot go wrong with this cleaner.

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