Jacuzzi JCF425 Cartridge Filter with Pleatco Advanced ULTRA Cartridges Included!

Jacuzzi – JCF425 425 sq. ft. In-Ground Cartridge Filter is the newest filter model in the Jacuzzi lineup of pool equipment. I personally prefer cartridge filters and the JCF425 has many great features and it is made here in the USA. This would be a great choice for a replacement pool filter for your swimming pool.

Here are some of the features of the filter from the manufacturer.

The Jacuzzi JCF425 425 sq. ft. pro-grade cartridge pool filter makes a great option for those wanting long-lasting, efficient equipment that really delivers.

Manufactured in the USA
2 1/2″ Internal plumbing is the largest in the industry. Minimizes restrictions and improves water flow
4 cartridge design offers excellent cleaning capabilities and increases the time between cleaning cycles
Pleatco Ultra cartridge filters
Chemical resistant fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank provides exception performance under the harsh elements
Heavy Duty Handles on the top for easy maintenance
Stainless Steel Oil Filled Gauges
For use with 2.5″, 2″, or 1.5″ Plumbing makes it the most versatile filter on the market
2-Year Limited Warranty

By reducing the pump pressure required for filter operation and using less water to clean, you can keep your pool clean with energy efficiency and prolong the life of your pool’s pump. This cartridge filter requires less maintenance than other filter types and features lid lifting handles and an assist locking ring making it easy to clean. No backwashing is necessary with cartridge filters, simply lift the lid, take out the cartridges and rinse them off with your hose. For longevity, energy efficiency, and dependability choose the JCF425 425sq. ft. In-Ground Cartridge Filter for your pool!

I think a 425 sq ft cartridge filter is an ideal size filter and it will be sufficient for a pool of up to 25,000 gallons. With the added 2 ½” internal plumbing the 425 sq ft. of filtration area will be a real game-changer for your pool. Especially if you are upgrading from a D.E. Filter or a sand filter, you will really notice the increased flow. If you currently have a VS pump you will also notice an increased flow at your low and medium speed. It will be a very noticeable difference in flow and you may even be able to reduce your speed down because of the increase in the flow.

I say all this to really emphasize the fact that a cartridge filter of this size offers so many great benefits. Also, if you purchase the filter at Leslie’s they will throw in an additional 1-year warranty through their Equipment Protection Plan, giving you a total of a 3-years on the warranty. A real win-win in my book. You get a larger filter in most cases if you are upgrading and also a great warranty.

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