Jacuzzi® J-CQ420 420 sq ft In-Ground Pool Cartridge Filter- Now Priced Under $800!

If you are in the market to upgrade your current cartridge filter, the Jacuzzi® J-CQ420 420 sq. ft. In-Ground Pool Cartridge Filter is one to keep in mind. It is currently priced under $800 and is backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Most filters only come with a 1-year warranty.

Here is more about the filter from the manufacturer:
The J-CQ420 is 420 sq. ft. professional-grade cartridge pool filter that makes a great option for those wanting long-lasting, efficient equipment that really delivers. Using four individual cartridges, the J-CQ420 filters particles as small as 10 microns to keep your pool clean and clear.

Jacuzzi® Pool Equipment
Make the most of your pool with our commercial grade pool products for the residential pool and spa owner. Enjoy the same quality construction and high performance as commercial pool equipment with longevity and dependability in mind.

Leslie’s Equipment Protection Plan
Leslie’s exclusive plan adds to the benefits of the existing manufacturer’s warranty program. With your purchase of this Jacuzzi® product, you will get an extended warranty period, access to certified Leslie’s warranty center, certified technicians for installation and repair, and no in-store labor charge for repairs. This offer is available to Leslie’s Rewards Customers only. *Requires professional installation to be eligible for Leslie’s Equipment Protection Program.
Jacuzzi® J-CQ420 420 sq. ft. In-Ground Pool Cartridge Filter.

To order:

I am a big fan of cartridge filters and the bigger the filter the better. A 420 sq ft one like this filter will allow for maximum flow and filtration. Swap out a smaller D.E. filter and you will really see the difference in flow at your pool and spa. If you have a small single cartridge filter you will want to upgrade to this filter and your pool circulation will really come alive.

Cartridge filters are also very easy to clean. Turn off the pump, remove the clamp and lid. Remove the cartridges and hose them off. It couldn’t be easier. If you are coming from a D.E. filter you will love the fact that you don’t need to worry about the mess during a filter cleaning. If you are coming from a smaller single cartridge filter you will love the size of this filter. Instead of cleaning your filter once a month, you can easily go up to 6 months with a 420 sq ft filter.

Another benefit of a cartridge filter is the increased filtration area and flow. The design of the cartridges with the pleats is where the large filtration area is created. This design will give you 8 to 10 times the filtration area of a standard D.E. filter. As mentioned you will see an increase is water flow but you will also find that your pool will hold chlorine much better, develop fewer algae blooms, and be easier to maintain. You will also find that your suction side cleaner will work more efficiently and that manually vacuuming your pool will also be a breeze.

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