Is Drinking ALCOHOL in a Hot Tub a BAD IDEA? | Swim University

A lot of people think drinking and hot tubbing pair well. Heck, I’m one of them. But it’s important to know the risks.

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How to Heat Your Pool With Solar Pool Heating

Solar panels and solar heating systems are excellent options for increasing pool temperatures by up to 15 degree’s without costly heating bills. Solar heating systems that feature safe and lightweight solar panels can be easily be installed for both above ground and in-ground type swimming pools thereby significantly increasing your comfort and extending your swimming season way beyond the normal summer months.

How to Compare Hot Tubs

Hot tub and spas are the best way to relax your tight muscles. Going into a warm pool of water after a grueling day at school, or after being stressed at work will be very relaxing. It’s always nice to look forward to something after being exhausted for the entire day. Even though installing one involves a big amount of money, a lot of people still want one, because its effects are totally worth it. Since there are a lot of options out there, it’s difficult to make a decision on what to buy.

Buying a Spa Online

Owning your very own spa – hot tub has a variety of benefits. Rather than having to go to a gym or spa to use a hot tub, you can have the convenience of using one in your very own home any time you like. Buying a spa is not as expensive as many people may think. There are many models and sizes of spas that provide fun and hydrotherapy at very reasonable prices. Finding discount hot tubs online is a great way to buy a tub at a price you can afford.

Swimming Pool Design to Suit Your Garden

When we think of a swimming pool we tend to think of pools that are just big oblongs for swimming back and forth in. We might imagine a pool in our garden as an Olympic pool just a lot smaller.

How to Choose Pool Builders

If you are thinking about having a pool installed in your yard, you will need to hire some pool builders to handle this task. Some states require that these contractors are licensed by the state or at the very least are certified.

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