Introduction to IPPSA with Kelli Carrillo President of Sacramento City Chapter

I know the importance of a group and that is one reason why I started my online coaching group. One industry group that has set the standard for all those that followed has been IPSSA – Independent Pool and Spa Service Association. Anyone who has been in the pool industry for even a short length of time has heard of IPSSA.

I recently sat down with Kelli Carrillo who is the Sacramento City IPSSA Chapter President and she highlights the benefits of joining IPSSA and also has a Facebook group geared towards the woman in the industry:

PGP (Pool Girl Pro) Industry Training Group:

Here is more about IPSSA from their website:

About IPSSA from their website

The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc. exists for the mutual professional benefit and growth of its members and for the continued improvement of the pool and spa industry.

IPSSA was formed in 1988 as a result of a merger between IPSA and Cal-IPSA. Those two organizations were a part of the original association founded in 1961 for the purpose of pool service technicians banding together to help each other in times of illness or disability.

As a member of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc., I will utilize my professional knowledge and skilled practical workmanship in providing quality customer service. To that end, it will be my responsibility to keep informed of developments in the pool and spa industry, including new techniques and product applications.

My second obligation will be to IPSSA members by giving them any professional assistance they need, including sick route coverage. In this endeavor, I shall respect their clientele and not solicit the business of, or place advertising, promotional materials, or stickers on the property of said clientele while providing Sick Route coverage.

My final responsibility will be to my community and its citizens. I will strive to communicate the necessity for pool safety and other issues of importance to pool and spa owners.

In these ways, I will promote the ideals and objectives of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Inc.”

I think with anything in life being part of a group is really important. For the pool service industry where you are mostly out there on your own each day, this is even more important since you are basically on your own and isolated from any real source of help. It is not at all like working in an office where in the next room you can reach out to someone when you are in a pinch. Learning from others in the industry is one way for you to get better at what you do and learn to work through different problems and issues you face out there day in and day out.

Here are some of the benefits of joining IPSSA:

“IPSSA Membership Benefits
By joining IPSSA, you will become professionally affiliated with the largest pool service industry organization in the world.

IPSSA’s 2,800 members strong…

Help each other in time of illness or injury by covering each other’s routes, through the IPSSA Sick Route Coverage Plan
Experience educational opportunities through chapter meetings where IPSSA’s Associate Members (major manufacturers, distributors, service-related companies) provide presentations and assistance to members
Qualify for industry rebates through Pentair Rebate Program as one example
IPSSA members can purchase group general liability and life insurance through Arrow/HUB Insurance Service, which is IPSSA’s Exclusive Endorsement Partner. For more details about the program call (800) 833-3433 or click here to visit their website
Subscription to The IPSSAN which includes important industry updates, tech tips and educational articles
Get free water safety materials to share with customers
Peer-to-peer networking opportunities
Involvement in the community with assistance from the IPSSA Grant Program and the IPSSA Swim Fund
Opportunity for individual and class scholarships for members through the IPSSA Education Fund
Exclusive member offers through our Member Benefit Partners”

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