How To VACUUM A POOL (Above Ground and Inground) | Swim University

A manual pool vacuum is a must-have for regular pool maintenance and pool cleaning. And it’s especially necessary when your pool is full of debris or algae. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to vacuum a pool (both an inground and above ground pool).

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Things to Consider When Buying A Swimming Pool

Buying a swimming pool is an important decision. Here are several factors to consider before you make that final purchase.

Effective Swimming Pool Maintenance – 3 Things You Must Know

As a swimming pool owner if you want a pool that sparkles like a diamond basking in the desert sun, there’s three things you must know about proper swimming pool maintenance. In this article I’m going to break down the most important 3 areas and explain why they’re so important.

Swimming Pool Renovation Like a Pro

We show you how to renovate your swimming pool like the pros do. **Warning** Not for the faint hearted. You will sweat!

National Swimming Pool Foundation Opens Pool Incident Database to Public

The NFPS has recently opened its pool incident database to the general public. This allows viewers to read articles pertaining to swimming pool awareness in many respects, and is considered a significant move towards promoting the benefits of the pool industry.

Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover might be regarded as chiefly to keep debris from the water, but have you considered the additional advantages of buying one? There are many more benefits of getting the right cover for your swimming pool. An Extended Swimming Time – One of the main benefits of the solar pool cover is it keeps the water warmer as compared to if it were not blanketed at night.

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