How To Test HOT TUB WATER Accurately | Swim University

Learn how to test your hot tub water with this simple step-by-step video tutorial from Swim University.

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Reasons To Justify Buying A Hot Tub

When it comes down to deciding to buy a hot tub, the decision as to whether you actually end up buying one can come down to a number of influencing factors, and often not just down to whether you can afford one, but whether everyone in the family is in agreement or not as to whether you should buy one. Whilst they have come down substantially in price in the last few years they are still a big investment…

Preparing Your Hot Tub For The Summer

When it comes to getting your hot tub ready for use for Summer, then you need to think of it just like a car that has been off of the road and unused for a few months. You would not expect to jump in your car after not using if for 5-6 months and expect everything to be fine. You would check the oil level, make sure it had fuel in it, and that the battery was charged and all of the lights working, and the tyres set at the correct pressure.

Installing A Simple Swimming Pool

When it comes to luxury purchases for your garden then the two at the top of your list must be a swimming pool and a hot tub. Hot tubs are fantastic and in an ideal world we would probably all buy one, however you may be put off by the initial cost of them as well as the ongoing costs required to run them, but do not let this put you off as they are surprisingly affordable to run. And if you think a hot tub is expensive to buy then you may run a mile if we…

Discovering Solar Pool Heating Benefits

Pools are enjoyable during the warm summer months, but homeowners can extend their usefulness into the spring and winter by using the power of the sun with an innovative solar system. Even during the summer, they will be more comfortable during the night and early morning. Conversely, southern climates benefit from additional cooling at night.

How to Choose a Swimming Pool Slide

Swimming pool slides can add a huge amount of fun to a pool; but there are also a huge amount of options to choose from. From the materials used to the many different styles out there, choosing a pool slide might not be as easy a task as it sounds.

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