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Matt teaches you how to shock your swimming pool the right way by pre-dissolving each pound of pool shock in a bucket of water before adding it to the water.

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Classic Pool Party Games

When you’re throwing a pool party, people expect to play some pretty great pool party games when they get there – it’s half the fun! And while they’ll likely all come with their own ideas and favorite games in mind, here are some of the classics to have in mind just in case. After all, you are the host and should be the one to get the party started!

A Guide to Swimming Pool Pricing

When you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool, the first thing most people are concerned about is the cost. Truthfully, installing a swimming pool can be as expensive or as budget-friendly as you’d like, depending on what kind of pool you’d like and how many features you want installed. But there is more to take into consideration than just the initial cost of having the pool installed; and it can be difficult to tell just how much exactly a swimming pool will cost you in the end. When it’s time to shop around for one though, here’s a swimming pool pricing guide you can use as a reference.

Choosing the Right ADA Pool Lift

Choosing the ADA Pool Lifts is different as it needs no pool deck mounting. It is also ADA compliant and can contain more than seven hundred pounds of weight to handle 300 lbs lifting capacity. Its ball bearing casters and handle offer easy movement, thereby making it ideal and appropriate choice to acquire accessibility in water location. This also facilitates storing it until it is needed next time.

How to Find a Reliable Swimming Pools Heating Expert

Having and maintaining a swimming pool is a major investment. Whether you’re looking at a solar aboveground pool heater or traditional oil or gas pool heaters, you should seek to work with a pool heater pro who is willing and able to help you find the best heating option for your situation.

How to Make Your Pool Water Sparkle

Having a sparkling pool is not only pleasant to look at, but beautiful pool water is a sign of a healthy pool! Here’s how to make your pool water sparkle: Make sure all your equipment is in working order. Your pool cleaner, pump, filter, skimmer- all of these appliances are essential to keeping pool water clean.

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