How to Replace your AquaNaut 200 Tires: Same also with Poolvergnuegen 2X and Phoenix 2X Cleaners

The only part that you will be changing on the Hayward AquaNaut 200 is the rubber tires. Once they reach the wear line it is time for a tire change. Fortunately, there are a variety of different tire options for you besides the OEM ones.

Here are the OEM Tires which sell for around $40 and are the true Metallic Blue that came with the cleaner:

Hayward AquaNaut 200 400 Wheel Tread Tire Super Hump PVXS11PK2-234
2 Pack Pool Cleaner Front Tire Replacement For 896584000-143

Since the tires will fade anyway you can save some money by purchasing generic tires online like these for about $15.00:

Grete Gotye 2 Pack 896584000-143 Blue Front Tires with Super Hump for Hayward Poolvergnuegen/Hayward Pool Cleaner

ATIE PoolSupplyTown Front Tire Kit with Super Hump Replace The PoolCleaner Poolvergnuegen Front Tire Kit with Super Hump 896584000-143 (2 Pack)

I see no reason to purchase the OEM tire unless you are dead set on the Metallic Blue color. The tires on the AquaNaut 200 are very easy to change and you will follow the same procedure for the PoolCleaner 2X and the Hayward Phoenix 2X cleaner. All are the same cleaner with just variations in body and color schemes.

A few things can happen if you let the tires wear down all the way. The most common issue us that the cleaner may start to get stuck or hung up on the pool’s main drain. The Humps on the tire help the cleaner get over the main drain cover and when they start to wear down the cleaner can get stuck on the drain cover. You may also notice as the tires wear down that the cleaner is going higher up the wall and may even come out of the pool and suck air. Again, the hump will break the cleaner’s traction on the wall and when worn down the cleaner may climb too high in the pool.

Unlike the older model running the cleaner with worn-out tires doesn’t affect the cleaner mechanically, so it is not a critical thing to replace the tires at the wear marks on the tracks, but you should do it so that the cleaner will operate at its peak level. I would estimate that the tires will last about 14 to 16 months depending on your pool surface and pump run time. I would check the wear mark on the tires every few months to make sure that they are good and of course if you notice the cleaner getting hung up on the main drain or climbing out of the pool, I would change the tires.

Besides the tires, there is nothing else to change on the AquaNaut. All of the gears and other parts should last a solid 6-8 years. This is one of the most durable cleaners on the market today and if you do need to change any parts after several years of use, they sell a kit that is the whole bottom of the cleaner, minus the skirts:

ThePoolCleaner 2 Wheel Lower Body Conversion Kit – Item #: PVGXH792KIT

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