How to Put the New Riptide Bags On Your Vacuum -Very Easy!

The Riptide Pool Vacuum System uses a unique type of bag that is designed basically never to blow off the vacuum head. One of the main issues you will have with the bags is that they can be hard to get on if you don’t follow the proper method. The good news is that once you learn how to get the bag on it will be super easy going forward. In fact, you may laugh later at yourself once you learn how easy it is to get the bag on.

The overall method is basic physics. If you are trying to force the bag on and breaking a sweat you are doing it wrong. If you look at the head of the Riptide Vacuum you will see that it has an edge or rim to it. The bag has a grove built into it. So how do you get the bag on without forcing the bag down over the rim into the grove?

The best way to get the bag on is to set the bag on top of the vacuum and tilt it so that the grove on just one end fits inside the rim of the vacuum and then once it is set in there put both palms on top of the bag and then push it down, then slowly press down and work your palms back pushing down. The bag will slide into the rim very easily at this point. The video shows this in better detail so I would watch it to see the method performed.

Here is more on the Riptide Vacuum System:
The Riptide Pool Vacuum System made its debut in late 2016. Since then, it has gone through a number of transformations, with each one taking it to the next level a lot like Iron Man’s suit! The Riptide Circa 2021 is the finest version yet and it is packed with so many updated features it should have been called the Riptide SL 2.0.

Here are some of the great updated features:
High Torque Motor (uses rare earth magnets) High Torque Motor- Our new High Torque motor utilizes rare earth magnets making it the most powerful vacuum on the market

The cord -new protective external layer – it just feels so solid and durable

Cord Clip – secures the cord to the cart so no more worries of it falling off and dragging on the ground

Stainless steel endplates on the vacuum head

The cart is now e-coated before powder coating &t he Transport Rack Is e-coated now too – Electrostatic Coating- All of our powder coated parts are now electrostatic coated (ecoating) and then powder coated over. This makes the finish of our components much more durable.

Extremely high-quality integrated steering knuckle -Integrated Stainless Steel Steering Knuckle. This allows you to hook any pole directly up to the Riptide vacuum without the need for any adaptors while being effortless to maneuver in the water.

The SL model Riptides now include a Diagnostic/Tool Kit with a battery load tester, the load tester is essential for quickly determining battery condition.

The bags now have a different ring color to differentiate different microns.

The bags (100 Micron and below) are double layer now this feature is making the bags last much longer.

25 Micron Bag available (specialty dust bag) this bag can eliminate the need to system vac a pool with a dust problem.

Basically, the updated Riptide SL is the most durable vacuum system on the market today. The shell is backed by a 10-year warranty, the added steel plates to the vacuum head sides, the stainless steel knuckle, and the new beefed-up cord make it designed to last! The cart and transport rack has been given a stronger paint job thanks to the new Electrostatic coating!

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