How to Operate a Multiport Valve on a Sand POOL FILTER | Swim University

Matt walks you through every setting on a multiport valve for a sand pool filter.

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The Importance of Pool Alarms

Understanding the importance of pool alarms can actually save a person’s life. Many of us that have children understand how important it is to have eyes in the back of your head. But the problem is, even when you spend a majority of your time watching your children, they tend to get away and begin exploring other areas of the home. In many cases they end up in the backyard by the swimming pool. One of the worst tragedies a parent or care assistant will ever have to go through is pulling a lifeless child’s body from an open swimming pool.

Pool Fence Ideas for Safety and Privacy

There are several reasons why a homeowner would want to install a pool fence. Apart from it, there are jurisdictions that require its pool-owning residents to secure their pool with a fence that is equipped with a gate that can be locked. That is both for safety and privacy purposes.

Swimming Pools May Be Different But Pool Safety Is Same For All

Once you have decided to have a pool the next word that must come to your mind should be pool safety. You may have pools matching to your home, your taste and ideas. Pools may be different but pool safety is same for all.

Pool Fencing and Its Benefits

Pool fencing is a great way to protect children and pets from getting submerged in the swimming pool accidentally. Aside from protection, pool fences can help in improving the aesthetics of your home, particularly the pool area. Continue reading to see how you can benefit from pool fencing.

Maintenance Terms Defined

Just like any other discipline, there are certain terms used in pool maintenance that might confuse some pool owners. Consider this your pool maintenance dictionary…

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