How To Keep MOSQUITOES Away From Your POOL | Swim University

If you have a mosquito problem near your pool, you’re not alone. Mosquitoes love water and humans, which means your pool is the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed and feed. But don’t worry, here are a few tips to prevent and get rid of mosquitoes in and around your pool.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool
00:35 – Why Are There Mosquitoes Near Your Pool and How To Prevent Mosquitoes
01:19 – #1. Get Rid Of Standing Water
02:13 – #2. Skim Your Pool Surface
02:27 – #3. Secure Your Pool Cover
02:44 – #4. Run Your Filter
02:55 – #5. Keep Up With Your Landscaping
03:10 – #6. Keep Chlorine Levels Balanced
03:31 – How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around Your Pool
03:44 – #1. Use A Larvicide Like Mosquito Dunks
04:13 – #2. Get A Mosquito Trap
04:33 – #3. Shock Your Pool Regularly
04:47 – #4. Install A Pool Closure
05:04 – #5. Install Yellow Bug Lights
05:16 – #6. Use A Fan
05:27 – Why Citronella Doesn’t Work

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