How to Get Rid of SPA COVER Odor | Swim University

On this episode we’re talking about that nasty mold and mildew smell from your hot tub cover. We’ll discuss some common causes, how to prevent it from happening, and how to get rid of it.

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Making Cleaning of Your Pool Faster and Smarter Using Aquabot Pool Rover Pool Cleaner

This amazing and efficient Aquabot Pool Rover pool cleaner is capable of cleaning any dirt on the swimming pool surface, and the result is what your will appreciate most. It functions to clean the surface in the best way possible, and this takes very less time no matter the shape or the size of the surface. It has a good power suction system which has a vacuum. This helps to remove all forms of dirt, including the tiny bacteria and fungi.

What Is Involved in Above Ground Pool Installation?

Are you trying to decide between an above ground an inground pool installation? We have some information that you might find useful! Read more…

Investigating Swimming Pool Water Loss

It’s natural for swimming pools to lose water. Refilling the water level is a regular part of swimming pool maintenance. So how often is too often? If you’re refilling your pool more than two inches a week, then you might have a leak. Let’s take a closer look at swimming pool leakage and water loss.

Glass Pool Fencing – Protect Your Pool Perfectly

People who have swimming pools in their homes often have to deal with regular pool security issues. The safety measures are not only to ensure a safe and trouble-free swimming experience every time, but also to avoid any unwanted circumstances or accidents.

Swimming Pool Lights – A Different Experience

People like to swim, even if it is in a swimming pool and the enjoyment of taking a dip can be extended at night. But for safety reasons many are limited to swimming at night. This is especially true for children since taking a dip in the swimming pool at night is not ideal as many problems can happen.

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