How to Get Rid of POLLEN in Your POOL | Swim University

Got a pool pollen problem? That nasty yellow stuff may look like pool algae, but it could be coming from your yard. Luckily, it’s an easy pool problem deal with. Here are 5 pool cleaning tips to get rid of your pollen in your pool.

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Pool Renovation Can Rejuvenate Your Old Swimming Pool

Swimming pools provide us with a respite after a long day’s work or after a strenuous week. There is nothing more relaxing than splashing around in your pool with your family. These pools also serve as a great venue for summer pool parties with friends and neighbors. Of course, all of those activities lead to a lot of wear and tear and very soon the swimming pool that was once your pride and joy starts to deteriorate quite quickly needing pool renovation.

Should You Close or Maintain Your Pool for Winter?

For pool owners, each winter presents unique challenges related to proper and strategic maintenance. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to close for winter, and what works best in one situation may not in another. Geography and climate, aesthetic preferences, time investment, energy costs, and preventing expensive damage during hard freezes are all important factors to consider when winterizing your pool. Ultimately, if you do your research, invest the proper time and preventative care at the end of swimming season, and consult a professional to help you execute your winterizing steps, you will be rewarded with a sparkling pool and an easier re-opening.

Estimating In-Ground Pool Prices

This article discusses all the possible costs of installing an in-ground swimming pool. Inground pool prices can vary widely, so it is important to review all pricing options from pool service contractors.

Tips For Using A Hot Tub When It Is Cold Outside

There are many different types of hot tubs available. Most are designed to work throughout the year so that the owner always has access to the water. Even areas that are traditionally warm during each season could experience periods of exceptionally cold weather.

Outdoor Hot Tubs Made From Real Cedar!

Outdoor hot tubs are a great way to spend time with the family. Their wooden construction enhance the back yard and brings you closer to nature.

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