How To Get Rid Of PINK SLIME And WHITE WATER MOLD In Your POOL | Swim University

Does it look like there’s mucus floating in your water or covering pool surfaces? Do you have orangish-pink streaks or spots around your pool’s water line? You’ve got a white water mold or a pink slime in your pool. It takes a lot of elbow grease to get rid of them, but they’re easy to prevent. So here’s a step-by-step guide of how to get rid of pink slime and white water mold in your pool

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to How To Get Rid Of Pink Slime And White Water Mold
00:43 – What Is White Water Mold And Pink Slime?
01:05 – What Causes White Water Mold And Pink Slime?
01:25 – How To Get Rid Of White Water Mold
01:35 – Step 1. Clean The Filter
01:49 – Step 2. Balance The Water
02:00 – Step 3. Shock The Pool
02:18 – Step 4. Brush The Pool
02:33 – Step 5. Run The Pump
02:48 – Step 6. Brush The Pool (Again)
03:03 – Step 7. Vacuum The Pool
03:16 – Step 8. Clean The Filter (Again)
03:29 – Step 9. Test And Balance Water
03:40 – Continue Monitoring Pool For White Water Mold
03:53 – How To Get Rid Of Pink Slime
04:10 – Step 1. Clean The Filter
04:25 – Step 2. Balance The Water
04:36 – Step 3 and 4. Turn Off The Pump and Brush The Pool
05:02 – Step 5. Add An Algaecide
05:16 – Step 6. Shock The Pool
05:50 – Step 7. Vacuum The Pool
06:06 – Step 8. Clean The Filter (Again) And Run The Pump
06:20 – Step 9. Keep The Chlorine Level High
06:30 – Step 10. Balance The Water
06:41 – Continue Monitoring Pool For Pink Slime
06:55 – How To Prevent White Water Mold And Pink Slime

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Regular Pool Maintenance: A Maintenance Schedule to Save Both Time and Money

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Easy Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pool Cleaning to Allow Some Great Time With Friends and Family

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