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It’s bad enough to discover green algae in your pool. But black algae? Get ready, because you have some serious pool cleaning to do. And no one should swim in your pool until it’s gone. The good news: it’s totally possible to kill black algae. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of black algae in your pool for good.

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Proper Inground Pool Maintenance

Pool Filters are the most important piece of pool equipment that you have. Sand Filter Manufactures, like Hayward, recommend you change the sand every 3 to 5 years. When filters experience heavy bather loads and have a good amount of leaves and debris in the pool, then you should expect to change the sand in your filter a lot sooner than that. Follow these 5 Easy Steps in order to get the most life out of your pool motor, sand filter and have crystal clear pool water.

Choosing The Proper Hot Tub Chemicals: Chlorine Versus Bromine

Hot tubs and spas are meant to relax people. They use the movement of hot water to ease tight muscles, sooth the soul and clear the mind — unless the mind is cluttered with concerns about the cleanliness of the tub and the safety of soaking in the water. That is why using the proper hot tub chemicals is so important.

How to Get Leaves OUT of My Swimming Pool

The leaves and flower petals that drift into your pool can pose a real challenge from a maintenance perspective. Unlike the idyllic pool in the woods, you don’t want organic material to add to the muck on the bottom, growing water plants for the frogs and fish to eat. You want a sparkling clean pool with hygienic, clear water. So how do you remove the hundreds or thousands of leaves and flowers from your pool? There are two main approaches – from the surface and from the bottom.

Saltwater Swimming Pool Vs Chlorine Swimming Pools

Swim in a chlorine free pool. 100% Chemical free.

Knowing About the Chemicals in Your Pool

Chemicals in any form can pose a problem to the health of humans. When considering the level of danger living in and around your house, it doesn’t take too long to discover potential threats. If you haven’t made the transition to natural cleaning products (and I’m not really suggesting you should) then open up the cabinet below your sink, close our eyes, and choose. Odds are you’ll find an interesting concoction formulated for your cleaning prowess.

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