How To Fix A HOT TUB Air Lock in 2 Ways | Swim University

If you’ve ever turned on your hot tub only to find that nothing is coming out of your hot tub jets, it’s probably a HOT TUB AIR LOCK. That means you’ve got air trapped in the hot tub plumbing lines. Here are two simple ways to troubleshoot a hot tub air lock and get your hot tub water flowing again.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to Fixing A Hot Tub Air Lock
00:25 – How Does An Air Lock Happen?
01:14 – Method #1: Burping Your Hot Tub Jets
01:50 – Method #2: Expelling Air Directly From Your Hot Tub Pump
03:16 – Hot Tub Care Video Course
04:07 – Why Not To Use A Plunger to Fix An Air Lock
04:31 – Additional Hot Tub Water Flow Troubleshooting

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5 Useful Hot Tub and Spa Components and How They Work

Spa and hot tub filters keep the water clean and clear. Each time pumps work, spa water is filtered. Most hot tub and spa have pre-programmed filtering cycle to make sure the filtering process is done on a regular basis. At some point, filters show signs of wearing out or one is dirtier than the other. Most likely the dirty filter is doing most of the filtering. It is recommended to consider a hot tub with a circulation pump. This pump prevents cloudy and stagnant water and improves water clarity.

How to Properly Test Pool Water

It is important to continually monitor a pool’s chemical balance to ensure the pool is at the proper quality. The chemical health of a pool determines the effectiveness of the chemicals to kill bacteria and other contaminants and also assures that the pool is safe to swim in.

Why Choose A Semi-Inground Pool?

Have you ever imagined having the perfect summer’s day with your friends and family enjoying a party in the garden? Although expensive, what you’d love to have is a swimming pool to make it even better. One way to get around the whole expense issue is to install a semi inground pool rather than an inground pool.

The Advantages of an Ozone Generator

Many pool owners desire to minimize the use of chemicals to sanitize their pool. Some turn to a saltwater system but one alternative to consider is switching to an ozone system, which can be just as effective as other chemicals.

Why Concrete Swimming Pools Are Definitely Popular And Promising

Swimming pools, both inground and above the ground, are good additions to your landscape. In addition to that, they are great avenues for exercise and entertainment. When it comes to its construction, a number of popular materials could be used namely concrete, fiberglass, metal, plastic or vinyl. Nowadays, concrete swimming pools are preferred by more people over the other pool types. Here are the reasons why.

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