How to Buy The Best SOLAR POOL HEATER | Swim University

Solar pool heaters can be a great long-term investment. But how do you buy the best solar pool heater for your pool? Don’t worry: all it takes is some careful planning and a little research to find the right solar pool heater set up to heat up your pool.

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Why Consider a Frameless Glass Pool Fence?

The stories are shocking and horrifying, but we hear them all too often. A child wanders off, falls into a pool and drowns.

Bigger Is Not Always Better When It Comes to Pool Pumps

Despite the stereotypical American mentality that volume equals greatness, you can cause more harm than good by installing a pump that is too large for the pool you are outfitting. Picking the right size can prevent wasting extra money on supplies and hindering the functionality of your other pool equipment.

Jandy C1460 Is One of the Best Pool Filters Available

The Jandy C1460 is a cartridge filter that sets the benchmark in cartridge filtration for swimming. These filters are available in different sizes and are simple to use as well as maintain.

How to Balance Your Swimming Pool

PH is the most important factor controlling your pool water balance. It refers to the measure of the relative acid or base of the pool water and should be tested daily.

How to Extend the Life of Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Is your pool water cloudy? Is your filter pressure gauge high (Up around 20)? Slow water movement in the pool? These are all signs of problems with your pool filter. If you’ve already cleaned your pool filter cartridge and soon after reusing it you see the pool filter pressure go right back up to around 20, then your filters contains any of the following build ups: calcium, metals, algae, and oils. These types of build ups in your pool filter can’t be cleaned out easily with the typical approach of using a hose to spray it clean. However, you can remove these build ups from your pool filter cartridge to extend the life of your filter.

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