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Having a pool is fun, but it requires certain safety measures too, especially if children, pets, or anyone with a tendency to wander will be anywhere near the pool. Prevent tragedy by installing a pool alarm, or several of them!

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Swim University has made swimming pool and hot tub care easy for more than 10 million homeowners. And each year, we continue to help more people with water chemistry, cleaning, and troubleshooting. We know taking care of a swimming pool or spa can be difficult. And it’s hard to find a trusted source of information. We get it! This is the reason we created Swim University.

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Tips for Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

A swimming pool is an all time favorite for many, especially when the weather is hot and humid. Using swimming pools may be very easy but the cleaning and maintaining of a swimming pool is quite tiresome. However, nothing is impossible and there are many pool cleaning and pool maintenance service centers and equipment that can help you to have a pristine and healthy pool.

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool for You

Looking to transform your backyard by installing a swimming pool? Are you aware of the options that are available today to homeowners who are interested in revamping their backyards? Not only do you have many types and styles of pools to choose from, but you can add other small touches to complete the look at a more affordable price than ever before.

Factors to Consider in the Planning, Installation, and Maintenance of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Are you planning on installing an above ground swimming pool? Here are some factors to consider before you proceed with the project. Knowing these factors ensures success in your project.

Pool Inspections

If you are getting ready to hit the pool again, make sure to remember water quality and safety! Getting a yearly pool inspection is a big part of this.

Polaris Pool Cleaners – The Best Choice You Will Ever Make!

Polaris cleaners are produced by the Polaris swimming Pool Cleaner Company. Polaris manufactures different kinds of cleaning machines and different models. These cleaners will remove different kinds of dirt and debris from your pool. Do not worry; the water will be sanitized so that your pool will retain that fresh, sparkling alluring look.

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