How To Balance The CALCIUM HARDNESS In Your POOL | Swim University

What should the calcium hardness levels be in your pool? And what should you do if it’s too high or too low? Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining and controlling the calcium hardness levels in your inground or above ground pool.

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Don’t Forget About Pool Supplies

Pool supplies can keep your swimming oasis in tiptop shape. By paying attention to the details, you can maintain the machinery, keep the water clear, and make sure everyone’s safe.

Hot Tubs Can Reduce Your Stress

Most people in the modern world could benefit from soaking in hot tubs. Not only does the heated water create a soothing experience, it can have long term health benefits, as well.

What To Consider In Choosing A New Hot Tub

For consumers looking to buy a new hot tub, there are several options to consider. Finding the right one requires a little bit of research, as well as choosing the right placement for it. Consumers should also decide their primary reasons for wanting a hot tub.

Best Spa Chemicals for Your Needs

The chemicals that are used in spas have great similarities with those used in swimming pools but they do have their differences. The difference comes in since the spas tend to have water with higher temperatures compared to swimming pools. The other difference that the two have is the water volume that is available and the bather load per water unit. The fact is that spas tend to be more prone to getting contaminated and you will therefore need to use the best sanitizer every few days.

Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool

The pool is one of the areas where lots of fun can be enjoyed. This is actually a feature many home buyers look for when in search for the best home for their family. It is always a nice thing to have the water ready and waiting for you especially on those hot days when nothing else seems to cool you off. The pool is also a great place for all kinds of games including swimming and pool handball among others.

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