How to Add CHLORINE TABLETS to Your POOL | Swim University

Sanitizer is one of the cornerstones of basic pool chemistry, and adding chlorine pucks is an easy way to introduce this essential chemical to your pool.

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Opening Your Pool: A DIY Nightmare

DIY homeowners may think that opening a pool is a piece of cake, especially if they’ve never done it before. Sadly, it’s an absolute nightmare. Better to leave it to the professionals instead!

Can You Really Find And Buy Cheap Hot Tubs Online?

Is there any such thing as a cheap hot tub? You may look on the Internet and think they all cost £3,500 or even a lot more, or you may just have a preconceived idea that they cost a lot. Yet they have virtually never been more affordable, particularly if you are able to make a few compromises, then you maybe surprised at what you can buy for just a few hundred pounds.

Spa Heaters: Keeping Your Spa and Pool Water Nice and Warm

Spa pool heaters are mainly used for relaxation purposes and it is common to have it installed. Spa pool heaters provide a soothing experience making it ideal for just having a soothing time after a tiring day. Get adequate pleasure by extending the pool season and pool heater.

Things You Need to Examine for Hot Tub Installation

There are several factors that you need to examine when it comes to hot tub installation. For example, you need to examine the space, electrical wiring, and the tub’s foundation. In other words, you need to set careful warnings for installing the hot tub safely.

Should You Buy Cheap Above Ground Pools?

Most homeowners do not have huge backyard space that would allow the installation of a charming in-ground pool. This is why above ground pools are popular. There are even cheap above ground swimming pools for the strapped. These types of facilities are not to be shunned, because they offer advantages that other types do not. For many people, above ground pools are the best choice.

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