How Often Should You BACKWASH A POOL FILTER? | Swim University

How often should you backwash your pool filter? Knowing when to clean your sand filter or DE filter is critical for regular pool maintenance and cleaning. So here are a few simple rules for when to backwash your pool filter — and when not to.

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Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer Swimming

As winter turns to spring then to summer it is time to open the swimming pool and prepare for the summer swimming season. This article gives simple, organized instruction on what are best practices when opening the swimming pool for the summer.

Tips on Searching for a Swimming Pool General Contractor

Having the best kind of swimming pool based on the specifications and aesthetics that you consider for your home is not attainable with simple realization of this need. In order for you to make the best deals out of having that kind of pool, it is more than essential to hire a specific kind of general contractor who knows well enough how to beautify your swimming pool. There are a few simple things that should be taken into consideration in order for you to maximize the services of a contractor.

When Do You Know It’s Time to Buy a New Hot Tub Cover?

One fundamental accessory all hot tub owners should own is a cover. These devices offer many great benefits and literally do pay for themselves with use. Not only do they keep harmful debris and contaminants out of your water, they also work to keep your utility bill down by trapping in heat.

How To Select A Spa Pool

Laborious tasks and busy schedules have been affecting the health of many in an adverse manner. The deteriorating physical as well as mental health has become a great source of concern for a huge number of people. Stresses in life make the need to allocate time for various types of relaxation activities even more imperative for a healthy body and mind.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Equipment

These days, with lots of people coming to the pool and spa to relax, it becomes necessary to keep the water clean for people to have a relaxed time. Many water businesses have come up with new methods of making life healthy and natural. Let’s discuss more about such businesses that provide swimming pool supplies and salt water chlorinator to have fun in water without getting sick.

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