How Long Should You Run Your POOL PUMP? | Swim University

It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out how long to run a pool pump. And really, it’s not.

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With the Help of a Hot Tub Cover

If you own a hot tub or are thinking about purchasing one, do not forget to invest in a high quality spa cover. Covers will help keep your new amenity in excellent condition all year round.

Why Spa Covers Are Important

A home spa is not always the most affordable purchase a homeowner will make. This is why many owners are looking for ways to cut costs on their purchase. One easy way to save money is by cutting out some of the spa equipment. This can include spa covers.

Save Damage to Your Pool by Attaching a Pool Liner

The best method that provides relief from the scorching summer heat is lying inside a water body. Once you think of installing a pool, you should also keep in mind how to take care of it, because it takes care of you. Thus, you should always get a pool liner attached to it.

Determining If You’re Allowed to Install a Hot Tub

The number of hoops you will have to jump through to determine whether or not you are allowed to install a hot tub depends heavily on your living situation. Many areas, particularly in the countryside, have very lax building and electrical codes. Others, in high density urban areas, have significantly more bureaucratic regulations. Multi-family condos or communities may also have their own codes, forcing you to comply with yet another set of regulations.

Hot Tub Accessories Add Mood to the Experience

For hot tub owners looking for something to make their experience a little more fun and unusual for hot tub parties or special occasions, there are several options. Several products available can adjust lighting, add aromatic scents or make hot tubbing more fun or out of the ordinary.

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