Hayward Universal HC Heater – The Industries Smallest 400 BTU Heater! Only 22″ Wide!

If you are looking for the smallest and most compact 400 BTU heater for your pool or spa look no further. Because you can place the Hayward Universal HC Series right up against a wall and the fact that everything is accessed from the top, means that this is the heater with the smallest equipment pad footprint.

Another reason I like this heater is the fact that it is virtually rodent-proof. If you do pool service you know that there are many heaters that rats and other rodents favor for a nesting area. They will chew the wires in the heater and other parts and find it very easy to get into most heaters. This heater is completely sealed in the most common entry areas for rodents, so rest assured rats will not be making their home inside this heater.

I like the top access panel and find that super convenient over the front access panels. There is no bending down to work on this unit and the main replaceable parts are within easy reach. It is also automation-ready and will work with most existing automation.

Here is more from Hayward:
The industry’s smallest footprint heater allows the replacement of almost any heater in an existing pad with the efficient reliability of the new Universal HC Series dual-fuel technology heater from Hayward®. Built to fit effortlessly with Hayward plumbing adapters, every detail has been thoughtfully engineered with easy drop-in capability in mind—its dual-fuel technology, its adaptive plumbing, its zero wall-clearance design, and more. And it all adds up to a durable, ultra-powerful heater with the industry’s smallest footprint.

Compact design: The industry’s smallest footprint heater and lightweight design makes installation easy in any environment

Easy-out mixing orifice: Allows for easy in-field conversion between natural gas and propane

Cupro-nickel heat exchanger: Protects against water corrosion and natural wear

Patented Butterfly bypass: Enables flow rates up to 125 GPM without extra accessories

Exclusive plumbing adapters: Allow for simple drop-in replacement with no pipe cutting required

Zero wall clearance: Fits seamlessly into smaller pads and tight spaces

Quick-access reversible top: easily swaps plumbing from right to left while providing access to gas shutoff, voltage selection, and more, all via a single fastener

Low NOx emissions: Meet clean air quality standards while providing premium heating performance.

It does come with Hayward’s plumbing adapters and if you are converting over from certain heaters you can use these adapters to minimize the plumbing. For the install in the video, it was easier to cut and replumb which you have the option to do also. But the adapters are a nice touch.
This would be a great heater choice for those tight equipment pads or in a case where the customer does not want a gigantic heater in their equipment area. Whatever the reason this is a real winner in size and functionality for Hayward.

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