Hayward TriVac 500 Not Moving: Installing the Timer/Valve Kit

The Hayward TriVac 500 is a really underrated pressure side cleaner and it is pretty trouble-free also. But if you find that it is moving very slowly in your there could be a few things wrong with it, including a bad Timer Valve. It is an easy part to replace and they sell a complete kit – the Hayward TriVac 500 Timer Valve Kit #TVX7500TV For $135.00.

Check System First:
Because of the nature of how a pressure side cleaner works, check to make sure both the system pump (main pool pump) and the booster pump (cleaner pump) are set to come on at the same time. The main pump if it is a VS pump should be running at a higher speed, around 2200 RPM or greater is acceptable. If the system pump and booster pump are not set to turn on at the same time the TriVac 500 will not move.

Check the Quick Disconnect:
Make sure the TriVac 500 has enough water going to it. Sometimes the pressure relief valve is open or cracked. Typically, it should be closed if you have a ¾ hp booster pump connected to the TriVac 500. Also, check the debris screen in the line to make sure it is free of debris. When you clean your filter or if your filter grids or cartridges have tears in them, debris can get into the booster pump line and clog up the screen. If the screen is clogged the cleaner will not move.

Check for a Jammed Wheel:
Sometimes debris will get stuck in such a way as to jam one of the TriVac 500 wheels. It doesn’t happen very often but a trig can get stuck in a wheel and keep the wheel from spinning. So make sure all the wheels spin freely.

Timer Valve:
When you open the TriVac 500 you will be surprised at how few parts are in this thing. Basically when you replace all the parts that come in the Timer Valve Kit #TVX7500TV you have essentially put new guts into the machine. I don’t recommend replacing one part here or there. The kit will pretty much cover all of the bases so there is no need for individual part replacements. Hayward made things easy by creating this kit. If you have checked the above things and the TriVac 500 is still not moving chances are that replacing the parts in this kit will fix it.

While you are at you can also change the bearings in the wheels along with the rubber tires. This will basically give you a brand new unit. I found the TriVac 500 very easy to work on and I like that Hayward kept things simple with their pressure cleaner. You can easily do all the repairs yourself.

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