GAS POOL HEATER: How Does It Work & Is It Worth It? | Swim University

The most powerful pool heating option is a gas pool heater. It has the power to heat up your pool water quickly and effectively, even in colder temperatures. But there are a few drawbacks and it doesn’t come cheap. So here’s everything you need to know about gas pool heaters and whether or not they’re worth it.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to Gas Pool Heaters
00:39 – How Does A Gas Pool Heater Work?
01:12 – What Are The Different Types Of Gas Pool Heaters?
01:41 – What Size Gas Heater Should You Buy?
02:29 – How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool With A Gas Heater?
03:22 – How Much Does A Gas Pool Heater Cost?
04:10 – Is A Gas Pool Heater Worth It?

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Pool Pumps: Keeping Your Pool In Top Shape

Maintaining swimming pool equipment such as pool pumps, filters, grids, saltwater chlorinators, pool calculators, cartridges, motors, heaters, timers, freeze guards, lights, valves, pool covers etc. ensures a clean, beautiful and inviting pool. It is important to also keep the salt chlorinator cell electrodes checked regularly as well as maintaining the leaf baskets properly cleaned at all times in order to guarantee maximum turnover and flow of water. This should also include backwashing the pool filters on a regular basis.

Pool Heating: Enjoy Your Pool All Year Long

Have you considered and looked into the possibility of getting pool heating equipment? There are several types of pool heaters that are available on the market today that are very efficient and affordable.

Pool Filters: Save Money on Your Pool Maintenance Tasks

Well maintained, stunning and immaculate pools are tempting. If you want to have a swimming pool with that come-hither appeal, ensure that you get to know the best types and models of pool filters in order for you to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your swimming pool stress-free.

Pool Pump: The Very Core of Swimming Pools’ Circulation System

Every swimming pool should have a hardworking and good quality pool pump that would function efficiently to make pool waters move through the swimming pool’s filtering system to get rid of unwanted and redundant pollutants everyday. The basic function of a pool pump is to vigorously drive the pool waters through the pool filters and through the inlet pipes to prevent your pool waters from being stagnant.

Pool Shops: Smart Pool Maintenance Tips

Most homeowner’s who chose to build swimming pools in their properties do so for several reasons such as for fun and for health reasons. Whatever reasons an individual has for having their own pool built at home; it allows everyone in the family to swim a lap or two whenever they want to. Most people would love to own a swimming pool but they should also learn how to properly maintain and care for their pool by seeking advice from professional pool maintenance staff working in pool shops.

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