Emaux Superior SSC Salt Water Chlorinator System Overview Video – With a Built-in Timer!

The Emaux Water Technology Superior SSC Series Salt Chlorinator is packed with some really cool features and is easy to set up and install. One of the coolest features is the built-in timer which is great for pools with a stand-alone VS pump, automation, and for setting a cooling down period for the salt cell.

This system reminds me of the Ecomatic salt systems that were very popular in the early 2000s when salt systems were emerging in my area. It has a similar salt cell connection and cell shape and size. The control panel is of course very advanced and it features two power modes. A standard “on” mode will turn the salt system on with the pool pump and a unique “Auto” mode that utilizes a build-in timer in some of the SSC models (SUC-T). This “Auto” mode is very innovative and can be used alongside a stand-alone Variable Speed Pump.

In “Auto” mode the built-in timer will control when the salt system turns off and on. That way let’s say you have your VS pump set to run from Noon-6 pm at a higher speed. You can set the built-in timer to come on at Noon and turn it off at 5 pm. This gives the system a 1-hour cool-off time which can prevent the white calcium type blow-back that is common with salt systems. This cooling-off period also allows water to pass over the cell plates and cool down the system rather than just shut off with the pool pump. Another advantage of the built-in timer is that you will not need a separate timer to turn the system on and off if you have it in conjunction with a stand-alone VS pump or pool automation. This is just overall just a unique and smart concept – the built-in timer should catch on in the industry.

If you are interested in ordering the SSC Superior salt system in the United States you can contact the US sales Rep at this email and they can get you a unit or as a dealer stock this unit for sale in your store or on your website.

Javier Martinez:
email: javier@emaux.com.hk

Key Features
1. Three models for different pool sizes: 15, 25, 45g/hr
2. Improved user interface and system status indication
3. Adopts higher operation temperature with upgraded
electronic components
4. Programmed for high-temperature protection to
prevent system overheating due to high salt level or
high ambient temperature
5. Monitors and controls cell output current to prevent
overloading and temperature rise
6. Simple display of error messages for easy service:
• Controller overheating
• The thermal sensor cable is disconnected
• AC line fault or fuse is broken.
7. Self-cleaning reverse polarity
8. Quality titanium cells
9. Models with time clock and/or pool light transformer
are available
Here are the models currently available:
9130016 SUC15-E 45,000 Liters (12,000 Gallons) No Timer
9130014 SUC25-E 70,000 Liters (18,000 Gallons) No Timer
9130019 SUC50-E 120,000 Liters (31,000 Gallons) No Timer
9130017 SUC15-T 45,000 Liters (12,000 Gallons) Timer
9130015 SUC25-T 70,000 Liters (18,000 Gallons) Timer
9130020 SUC50-T 120,000 Liters (31,000 Gallons) Timer
9130018 SUC15-TLT 45,000 Liters (12,000 Gallons) Timer & Light Transformer
9130013 SUC25-TLT 70,000 Liters (18,000 Gallons) Timer & Light Transformer

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