Emaux Max Series Sand Filter Polyethylene Tank With 5 Year Warranty

Emaux Water Technologies has been making pool equipment for over 35 years and they sell their products in over 90 countries. The Max Series Filters are not only user friendly but are also long-lasting and easy to maintain and set up. No tools are required to access the laterals and to change the sand!

Here are some of the great features of the Max Series Filters:
“For residential and semi-commercial pools
Emaux’s innovative design and advanced technology offer superior filtration performance and crystal clear water. Max Series filters are blown at one-piece with high-density polyethylene for their heavy-duty performance and reliability.
Unique one-piece clamp with screw-type lock design to simplify installation and allows tool-free servicing.
Equipped with a 6-way multiport valve which is constructed with sturdy ABS and marine-grade stainless steel.”

Easy-to-read pressure gauge for easy inspection
Tank Material: HDPE
Max operating pressure 40 psi / 2.8 bar
Max temperature of 50°C (122°F)
The universal standard of union connection is provided
Suggested size of media: 0.5-0.8mm
PVC & ABS lateral is provided
The pressure gauge is provided
Equipped with 6-way clamp style multiport valve (1.5” MPV07, 2” MPV08)

Backed by a 5-year tank warranty Emaux really stands behind this filter. Currently, there are no direct sales suppliers here in the US but if you are interested in purchasing one of their filters you can email me and I will put you in touch with their US sales rep.

Here are the different models currently available.
88012526 MFV17 1.5” 90 lbs of sand
88012527 MFV20 1.5” 150 lbs of sand
88012528 MFV24 1.5” 275 lbs of sand
88012545 MFV24B 2.0” 275 lbs of sand
88012529 MFV27A 1.5” 400 lbs of sand
88012530 MFV27 2.0” 400 lbs of sand
88012531 MFV31A 1.5” 700 lbs of sand
88012532 MFV31 2.0” 700 lbs of sand
88012533 MFV35 2.0” 950 lbs of sand

I think the best feature is the easy access to the sand and the laterals inside. You don’t need any tools to remove the clamp holding the Multi-port on. It is a very simple and easy process to add the sand, change the sand or fix a broken lateral. It makes sense to make this easy access since sand changes or repairing broken laterals is something that is common with sand filters.

The multi-port valve on top also moves very freely and again, there is no reason to make it stiff and hard to turn. It also features a very large handle making turning It even easier. Emzux designed the filter to be as user friendly as possible.

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