Do You Need An AIR PILLOW to Close Your POOL? | Swim University

The purpose of a pool pillow, or “ice compensator,” is to compensate for the accumulation of rain, snow, and ice over the winter months which will build up in your pool over time.

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Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Sand filters are extremely useful to use because of the fact that they are used for water clarification. They are not a waste of an investment if you happen to have a swimming pool. Nearly all swimming pools have these sand filters, but it is all about getting the sand.

Pool Service – Acid Washing

Pool service is very crucial to make sure that pool remains healthy and clean for swimming. Acid washing is one of those ways to make sure that your pool is perfectly sanitized. Sometimes pool turned into the “black lagoon”; if it has been stagnant for a period of a time or winterizing process is not done properly. Thus If you would observe a scaly, man-phibian creatures start to splash around in the pool or it has turned into “black lagoon”, you should be fully convinced that it’s a time to do an acid washing which is also known as drain & clean process.

Understanding Sand For Sand Filters

What type of sand is used exactly in a sand filtration system for a pool and why. Can I just go get sand from a sand pile and use it when the filtration system sand needs to be replaced or do I need to use a special type of sand. Is a sand filtration system better that the other two main types of filtration systems offered and why. All of this and a whole lot more is covered right here.

Pool Maintenance the Cheap and Easy Way

Do you have an in-ground pool that resists all your efforts to keep it clean? Have you made so many trips to the pool supply store you’re on a first-name basis with all the employees? I’m going to share a secret I’ve learned from a pool expert that will quickly have your pool sparkling clean with a minimum of time and expense.

Glass Fencing Prices

Whether you choose to DIY or have a fencing contractor build it for you, this is a guide to glass fencing prices in Australia. Get accurate ideas of fencing prices per lineal metre.

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