Complete Backyard Remodel! Stamped Concrete, Artificial Turf and More: Featuring All Season Turf

This is a complete backyard remodel of one of my rental properties that took four days and included a pad of Stamped Concrete, a Cement Curb, Artificial Turf, and River Rocks. It was all brought together by All Season Turf who also did a project at my personal residence. I took over 10 hours of footage and condensed it to a 22-minute long video for you.

To learn more about All Season Turf which services most of Southern California:

00:00 Intro
00:54 Concrete Prep
02:24 Concrete Pour
04:05 Concrete Bands
06:55 Stamping Process
10:25 Curb Extruder
12:39 Turf Prep
15:00 Turf Install
19:09 River Rocks
20:19 Sand Fill
21:11 Outro

It was extremely hot that week in Southern California with temperatures ranging from 112 degrees on day one and cooling off to 105 degrees by the end of the week. The workers for All Season Turf did an amazing job in spite of the extreme weather and they do A+ work! While I was working the main camera my son Caleb was flying the drone (Mavic Air 2) to capture things from the air. Here is more about the project.

Stamped Concrete:
This is a process where just as the name describes, a pattern is stamped into the concrete just before it completely dries. The stamp can be anything from a rock pattern, cobblestones, wood grain, and hundreds of other available patterns. We chose a more natural look and went with a stamp called Seamless Belgium Slate. It looks like a natural rock pattern that you would see on a hike in Yosemite or Zion and gives the project a very natural look.

Besides the stamp, you can add a second color with a Release Agent. This is a powder that will keep the stamp from sticking in the wet cement. If you wanted only one color you would use a clear liquid release agent, but for this project we wanted the two-color look to give the stamp some definition. For the concrete we wanted a color to match the desert landscape where the house is located and chose Davis Color San Diego Buff 5237. This is a medium tan color and with the darker release color, it really makes for a great combination. The release color was Brickform RA-810 Walnut. Next month we will have the concrete sealed to give it a “wet look” as well as to protect it from wear. But it needs to cure for 30-days before that process.

Concrete Curb Extruder:
The curb extruding machine was something that I found fascinating as well an ingenious. Semi-moist cement is used, and the machine pulls it out into the curb size that your project calls for, in our case, it was a 5” curb. In the heat, it dried very fast, within an hour in fact and they actually started the turf process shortly after that. The two operating the curb extruder machine were excellent and knew what they were doing. It has to be fast work and they were clicking on all cylinders.

Artificial Turf:
All of the work was done by All Season Turf and of course, they specialize in the fake grass/artificial turf. Like the project at my personal residence, we went with Tiger Turf which is made in the USA and comes with a 15-year warranty. The install comes with a 3-year warranty. After looking at countless samples we thought the Tiger Turf “Diamond Pro Spring” looked the most realistic in color and form. It looks like freshly mowed grass and I highly recommend this turf. The process is very detailed and the installer really needs to be experienced for it to come our right.

3” River Rock:
The large river rock goes great with the green turf and I think it is the best combination. The smaller rock looks good but the larger 3” style adds a lot to the overall look of the project. We used the same rocks on both projects. To see the project done at our personal residence click on the below video link.

Artificial Turf Install: 9 Hour Job in a 6 Minute Video! Step by Step Featuring All Season Turf

Adding The Sun by Kevin MacLeod

Wepa by Kevin MacLeod

Rock Over London by Kevin MacLeod

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