Clear Pool Filter Apron – Perfect for the Messy Job of Filter Cleaning!

Check out this custom made apron made specifically for the messy job of filter cleaning! It is hand made in Mexico and is water-resistant. Extra-wide sides keep your pants and legs clean, large pockets in the front are perfect for the Spring Barrel Nuts and other filter bolts. It unclips from the neck as well as the back for easy removal. From the makers of the Riptide Cover and Clear Pool Vacuum Bags.

The Clear Pool Filter Apron is great! Get yours today:

I have always worn an apron when I clean my pool filters because let’s face it, no matter how careful you are the job can be very messy. I first started with a regular cooking apron from Walmart. That didn’t go so well as it would become very dirty and stained and it didn’t offer any protection after it got saturated with gunk. I then moved to a waterproof butcher-type apron which was good except that the waist was a tie strap and it always would come undone – at the wrong moments. It also did not have a clip on the neck part so each time I put it on or took it off I would have to remove my hat, which was annoying.

The Clear Pool Filter Apron solves these two very annoying issues by having a clip on the back as well as a clip on the neck part. Now I know the apron will remain on and when I need to remove it, I simply unclip it. Easy.

Although it is technically not waterproof it is very water-resistant. To make the material flexible it is cut from one sheet of material. So, the apron is very comfortable to wear and you can easily bend with it on. The sides are extra long to prevent any dirt from getting on your pants or legs. Overall the fit and style are perfect, and it is perfect for filter cleaning. The 2 large pockets in front can hold your filter bolts, lube, and other essentials.

If you do a lot of filter cleanings you need this apron. The worst part of filter cleaning is how messy the job is. If you are like me and stagger your cleanings in between regular pool cleaning, there is nothing worse than getting splattered with filter gunk and showing up at your next stop looking like, well, someone who was cleaning a pool filter. To avoid this bad look wearing this apron will keep you dry and clean all filter cleaning season.

For the Multi-Tork Socket filter cleaning tool you can learn more here:

This is an essential filter cleaning tool that will speed up your day and make removing and putting on filter clamps a breeze.

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