Clear Pool Bag ( Buy Universal Vacuum System Bags in Bulk and Save Money!

One of the things about owning a Vacuum System is that the replacement bag cost can add up over the course of the year. If you purchase only OEM bags you are looking at anywhere from $35-$40 per bag. But what if you could purchase enough bags for one year or for your whole crew at a discount of over 50% off the OEM price? With the Clear Pool Bag available at you can.

You are not sacrificing quality or microns over price when you switch to the Clear Pool Bag. These bags are handmade in Mexico and if you have been in the industry since early 2000 you know that Mexico was once the hub of great pool products. The quality of these bags is excellent and they are available in micron sizes of 90, 200, and 400. They also have a mesh Green Pool Bag available for those big clean-up projects.

Here is the pricing and if you purchase 10 or more you can mix and match the bags.

5 bags for $100
10 bags for $175
20 bags for $300

Buy in bulk to save money on one of the only major expenses of owning a vacuum system.
These bags feature a universal design utilizing a bungee cord that can be sized for each vacuum system currently on the market. They will easily fit your Power Vac, Hammer-Head, Riptide, and Bottom Feeder. Simply fit the bag over your vacuum system and adjust the bungee cord to size and then zip tie it down. The bungee cord makes it easy to put the bag on and take it off and if it was sized correctly these bags will not blow off the top of the cleaner.

Use the 90 microns for sand and silt, leaves, and some dirt. The 200 micron is great for sand and silt, large leaf debris, rocks, and glass. The 400 micron is their heavy-duty bag and is great for everything, although it won’t pick up the finer sand and dirt. But the 400-micron bag is very long-lasting and great for those heavy debris pools.

To order:

From their site:
“Brand new way to buy power vacuum bags for your pool cleaner.
We sell bulk bags in packages of 5 (chica), 10 (mediana) or 20 (gigante). You can mix and match to (in increments of 5 bags)
The bags are handmade by a textile company in Mexico City that has been making products for over 30 years.”

If you are looking to purchase a single vacuum system bag, my friend Reggie at Mako Power Vacuum Bags sells great aftermarket bags as well (120 microns and 140 microns available on his site).

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