Cleaning a Pureline Crystal Pure Salt Cell: Same Process for a Hayward T-Cell

Every Salt Cell will get calcium build up on the plates in the cell and will require a mild acid bath. The Crystal Pure Salt Cell is almost an exact copy of the Hayward T-Cell (Turbo Cell) and the cleaning method is the same. The manual refers to scrapping the plates with a plastic object but access to the plates is restrictive and a mild acid bath is much easier to do.

I suggest a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 acid to water ratio. 1-part muriatic acid and 4 parts water. You want to be careful and not overdo it or you risk damaging the salt cell. The process is very easy and the video will go into detail for you.

Here are the instructions from the manual for you below.

Mild Acid Washing: Use only in severe cases where flushing and scraping will not remove the majority of deposits. To acid wash: Turn off power to Crystal Pure. Remove cells from the piping. • In a clean plastic container, carefully mix a 4:1 solution of water to muriatic acid


The level of the solution in the container should just reach the top of the cell so that the wire harness compartment is NOT submerged. It may be helpful to coil the wiring before immersing the cell. • The cell should soak for FIVE minutes, then rinse with a high-pressure garden hose. If any deposits are still visible, repeat soaking and rinsing. Replace cell and inspect again periodically.

I prefer using the GLX-Cell Stand and Pureline also makes a stand for cleaning the cell.
Here is more about the Crystal Pure Salt System by PureLine:
“The PureLine Crystal Pure Salt System makes the process of chlorinating the pool a breeze for you. When your pump runs, you will be producing chlorine, ensuring a steady dose into your pool water. The more consistent your chlorine levels are in your pool, the fewer chemicals you will use overall. Free yourself and your pool guests from the itchy, dry feeling of regular chlorine. With a saltwater chlorine generator, the water feels smooth and won’t leave a white residue on your skin. The Crystal Pure generator cell easily plumbs in-line and has quick disconnect unions for easy access.

• Durable design
• Max. Chlorine Production Per Day = 2.1 Lbs.
• Economical to use
• Simple operation & maintenance
• Large chlorine capacity
• Low energy consumption
• 2 Year warranty
• Digital display and LED indicators
• Self-cleaning
• Adjustable chlorine output
• Super chlorination mode
• Water flow detector
• Low salt and overload indicators
• High & low-temperature protection (working temperature from 50F to140F)
Crystal Pure Optional Add-On Accessory Package

The Crystal Pure Optional Add-On Accessory Package includes several convenient tools for your swimming pool salt system. The package includes a Salt Cell Cleaning Stand, Salt Test Strips, and a Dummy Cell. The Cleaning Stand simplifies cell cleaning and eliminates having to soak the cell in a bucket of muriatic acid solution. Salt Test Strips are used to accurately measure the salt level in your pool. The dummy cell is used during cell cleaning, winter, and spring startup.”

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