CircuPool SmartFlo VS Pump: A Direct Replacement VS Pump for a Pentair Wisperflo or Intelliflo VS!

CircuPool SmartFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump is a solid pump for those looking for an affordable way to upgrade to a variable speed pump. It is super easy to set up and it is designed to be a direct replacement for a Pentair Wisperflo or Intelliflo VS pump. This basically means that you can swap out those two Pentair pumps with the Smartflo Vs with little or no replumbing. You can even use the existing unions for these two Pentair pumps and install the Smartflo VS directly in without any plumbing.

The CircuPool SmartFlo® variable-speed saltwater pool pump is a next-generation, ultra-efficient pump that can provide up to 90% energy savings over traditional swimming pool pumps! It features a super-duty Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) permanent-magnet motor and highly-engineered hydraulics, which deliver premium efficiency, long lifespan, and whisper-quiet operation.
Specifically designed to replace existing high-performance pumps, the CircuPool SmartFlo® has integrated programmable controls that make it completely customizable, making it a perfect fit for any type of pool.

Currently, they sell three different models with a THP of 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0. All three pumps do require 230 volts going to the equipment pad so be aware that if you a currently running 115 volts these pumps won’t work unless you run a 230-volt line to the equipment pad.

Let me touch again on the retrofit aspect of the SmartFlo Vs pump with a Pentair Intelliflo Vs or Wisperflo pump. If you currently have said a Pentair Wisperflo and want to upgrade to a VS pump the CircuPool SmartFlo Vs will line up perfectly at the same inlet and outlet position of the old Wisperflo pump. So you can essentially cut out your old pump and easily plumb a SmartFlo Vs in with Pentair unions or you can purchase new unions when you purchase the pump for $19.99. If the current Wisperflo has unions, simply unscrew the union and remove the pump. Then you just need to slide the SmartFlo VS in and attach the unions. A very easy upgrade at that point.

The SmartFlo Vs is backed by a 3-year limited warranty. 3-years on the pump shell itself and a 1-year warranty on the motor. Rest assured from the reviews on this product that you are getting a very durable and long-lasting product. The actual pump feels very solid and well made. I’ve reviewed many generic pumps and this one is impressive.

The controller on the back is simple to use and program and it comes factory shipped with the 4 speeds pre-programmed. So it is essentially a plug-and-play pump. For reference the pre-programmed runtimes are:

Speed 1- 2 hours at 3000 RPM
Speed 2 – 10 hours at 1500 RPM
Speed 3 – 2 hours at 2500 RPM
Speed 4 – 4 hours at 1000 RPM

The control panel features 4-speed buttons and a Quick Clean or Time Out button so you can easily start a speed or the Quick clean mode at the press of a button. The display is clear and easy to read making this a very simple VS pump to operate.

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