CircuPool RJ 45+ Saltwater Chlorinator – Makes 2 lbs of Chlorine a Day and Rated for 45,000 Gallons!

Retrofitting is a big thing in the pool and spa industry and the Circupool RJ Series salt systems are designed to fit in the exact footprint of a Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorinator. Same cell size so if you have a Hayward Turbo Cell this will fit in the exact unions. It also uses the same flow sensor plug so no replumbing is required. You would just need to install the power unit/control box and you are done. Of course, you can use it on a pool without an existing salt system but I think the retrofit option is a real bonus to this system.

Here are some of the key features that make the CircuPool Systems so good.
15,000 Hour Cell-Life
Unlike other salt systems that work off of a 10,000 lifespan rating, the CircuPool cells are rated for 15,000 hours of use. This means that you will be replacing the cells less often.

Titanium Plates
One thing that makes the cell so long-lasting is that the salt cell is constructed with Titanium Plates.

Clear Cell Casing
The clear cells offer several advantages. It makes for easy inspection and you can tell right away if there is any calcium build-up on the cell plates. You can also see if the system is producing chlorine by looking for bubbles in the cell casing. You can actually watch it producing the chlorine.

Huge Chlorine Output
The RJ-45 that is featured in this video can produce 2 lbs. of Chlorine in 24-hours. This is equivalent to 2 gallons of liquid chlorine which is an amazing amount of chlorine. So it is perfect for a medium to the large pool.

7-Year Limited Warranty
CircuPool offers one of the best warranties on their RJ Series Salt Systems. The 7-Year warranty is prorated with the 1st year being 100% and then every year it is prorated down. But a 7-Year warrant means you will have very little or no issues with this system.

Retrofits Hayward Aquarite System
If you have a Hayward Aquarite Salt System the CircuPool RJ series will fit in the same plumbed area. So this is basically a plug-and-play replacement. Insert the RJ cell in the plumbing and wire up the new Control Module. No plumbing needed.

Digital Salinity Reading
One thing that every good salt system has is a digital readout of the pool’s salt (salinity) level. So you will know what your salt level is without an outside tester.

RJ-16 Plus rated for a pool up to 16,000 gallons
RJ-20 Plus rated for a pool up to 20,000 gallons
RJ-30 Plus rated for a pool up to 30,000 gallons
RJ-45 Plus rated for a pool up to 45,000 gallons
RJ-60 Plus rated for a pool up to 60,000 gallons

Here is more from CircuPool.
“Durable. Reliable. Amazing Longevity. Choose the CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series for a long-lifespan salt system that gives you the most control, and features titanium cells powerful enough to handle even the largest backyard pools. For over a decade, RJ-PLUS Series salt systems have been a customer favorite. With unparalleled longevity and reliability, RJ-PLUS Series salt systems are the smart choice to keep your swimming pool clean and clear without the use of harsh chemicals- plus up to 50% savings or more over conventional chlorine. The CircuPool RJ-PLUS Series is the salt chlorinator that pool owners have come to love and trust!

The RJ-PLUS Series salt system is a durable, high-performance salt chlorinator. If you’re replacing an old chlorine generator, get more functionality out of your salt system and more capability to clear up the pool, even after heavy pool use. You can rely on CircuPool to deliver innovative pool equipment that puts the pool owner first. Whether used in residential or commercial pools, you can depend on RJ-PLUS model salt systems to help you spend more time enjoying the pool, and less time doing chemical maintenance. Order a customer-favorite CircuPool salt chlorine generator today.”

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