Bad Suction FIX: How To UNCLOG Your POOL SKIMMER LINE | Swim University

Your skimmer is your first line of defense when it comes to filtering out debris in your pool. And that means it’s easy to get a clogged-up skimmer line. So if you’re getting poor suction or you think your pool skimmer line is clogged, there are two ways to unclog your system: 1) Move the pool diverter valve (or Jandy valve) back and forth to open and close the skimmer valve; 2) Clear the blockage with a drain cleaning bladder like a Drain King. Before you troubleshoot, make sure it’s indeed a clog in your skimmer line and not an air leak in your pump.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to How To Unclog Your Pool Skimmer Line
00:37 – How Does A Pool Skimmer Work?
01:52 – How Do You Clean A Pool Skimmer?
02:35 – How Do You Know If Your Pool Skimmer Line Is Clogged?
04:08 – How To Unclog Your Pool Skimmer Line With The Diverter Valve
04:40 – How To Unclog Your Pool Skimmer Line With A Drain Cleaning Bladder

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