Ariel by Solar-Breeze a Solar Powered Surface Skimmer with Proven Technology!

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is their newest solar-powered surface cleaner. Their first one was the Solar-Breeze back in 2007 and they updated that cleaner with the NX in 2015 and the NX2 in 2018. The Skimbot was their latest cleaner until the Ariel was released in 2021.

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The Ariel to me is a combination of the Skimbot and the Solar Breeze NX2. I like the overall design and look of the cleaner although I am not a fan of the color scheme. Aesthetics aside this cleaner is simple and effective. Here is more about Ariel from the manufacturer and I will give you my likes and dislikes afterward.

“How does Ariel navigate?
Ariel is propelled through the water by two paddle wheels located at the rear of the unit. In addition to propelling the unit forward, these paddle wheels can rotate at different speeds or in opposite directions, allowing Ariel to steer around obstructions that she may encounter in the pool, or turn when she comes to the edge of the pool. Barriers and obstructions are detected by optical sensors located at the front of the unit.

Where does the debris go inside Ariel?
As the pool robot passes over the surface of the pool, the front paddle wheel rotates forward to scoop the debris into the debris collection area. Water that enters this chamber passes through the fine mesh screen in the debris tray. The mesh screen filters out pollens, dust particles, bugs, and, of course, all of the larger organic material which is stored inside.

What do I do with the debris?
Ariel’s debris collection chamber is about twice the size of a normal skimmer basket. When the chamber becomes full, you can simply remove Ariel from the pool using the convenient handle, remove the debris tray from the unit and empty it into a trash collection container or compost bin. Then, return her debris tray, ensuring that the tray is pushed all the way back and that the locking tabs are engaged. Put Ariel back in the pool and press the power button.

How does Ariel stay energized?
The solar panels on the top of Ariel provide enough energy to power the robot all day long and, at the same time, charge an onboard battery. After the sun goes down, the pool robot will operate for several hours on battery power. When Ariel stops, she will float in the pool with navigation lights flashing. In the morning, when the sun comes up, she will recharge and start up again on her own.”

That is Ariel in a nutshell and it does work very well. Below are some of the pros and cons that I found after testing Ariel for a few months. It is like an updated Honda accord. The body and styling have been completely revamped and the paddles on the back taken from the superior Skimbot cleaner. A worthy upgrade and a great solar-powered surface cleaner.

Cleans the surface very well and hugs the tiles
Turns and pivots for full coverage
Sensors on the front are highly effective
Picks up large debris without issue
Runs all day in most pools
Handle on the front for easy retrieval
Picks up a large amount of debris
Simple and easy to use
Slot on top to see if debris tray is full
Beefed up solar panels with more heat resistance

Can get pulled into the skimmer with pool running
Takes some time to start up after a cloudy day
Funky color scheme
No app control

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