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The Aquabot Breeze XLS is perfect for pools up to 50 feet long (including above ground pools) and it’s ideal if you have a gunite pool. It’s got fixed agitating brushes to help lift stubborn dirt off your pool’s surface and TWO baskets to catch debris.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Swimming Pool

People who use their pool all year round should invest in pool supplies that keep the water quality in good condition. Maintenance should not trouble you, but make sure to invest quality time in it. Keeping your pools clean is important for you and your family’s health. When not kept properly, the water will become a favorable site for bacteria, microorganisms, parasites, and harmful chemicals, all of which will cause diseases. Make your pool safe for you, your family and friends.

The Five Advantages Of Above Ground Pool Kits Over Inground Ones

Inground swimming pools still outnumber above ground pool kits by a million. But, they are in no way a less attractive option than the former. In fact, they are currently the most preferred type of swimming facility in the United States because of the following reasons.

The Pros And Cons Of The Five Types Of Pool Covers

Pool covers are among the important tools for pool maintenance, because it keeps contaminants out when the facility is not being used. But finding the right type of may be a little bit tricky, since there are a number of options one can choose from. Each them have their own unique features, as well as pros and cons. The choice on the matter just really depends on the size and shape of the facility, as well as the owner’s preference.

The Advantages Of Using Vinyl Liner In Pools

According to statistics, there are 10 million swimming pools in the United States today. Fifty percent are of the above ground variety. Much of the reason behind its popularity has been attributed to affordability and convenience. On the other hand, vinyl has always been the top choice for pool lining over other options, because of the same rationalizations. If you are thinking about becoming part of the craze and buying a pool kit for this coming summer season, you should really consider going for an above ground pool with vinyl lining.

Basic Guidelines To Maintaining Pool Liners

Pool liners are one of the most important parts of above ground swimming pools, because they serve a two-fold purpose – first, to enhance the overall appearance of the pool and second, to keep the water inside the structure. Without them, it would virtually be impossible for anyone to enjoy the outdoor facility. If you are thinking of changing the one you have, there are three kinds of pool liners you can choose from: the overlap, beaded and uni-bead. The overlap variety extends over the wall of swimming pools and is folded on the edge. Beaded types, on the other hand, require a row of clips to be held in place.

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