An Overview of the Jandy Family of Variable Speed Pumps: Interview with Steve Jones of Fluidra/Jandy

Here is a look at the NEW lineup of Jandy Variable Speed pool pumps. Jandy is always improving on their VS Pump models and their latest generation features dual voltage (115V or 230V), TEFC completely sealed motors and a 3-year warranty on all of their VS pumps. Here is a look at each pump and its main features.

VS FloPro 0.85 HP and 1.65 HP
With both 115V and 230V models available, you have the ability to operate with either power source — providing greater installation flexibility and eliminating expensive main power rewiring, making the VS FloPro™ 0.85 HP and 1.65 HP pumps the ideal aftermarket replacement of single-speed pumps up to 1.5 HP.

High-performance pump in an ultra-compact body that easily fits in small equipment areas.

Available with Onboard Controller – JEP models include an onboard JEP-R controller, providing the ability to program up to eight (8) speeds and two (2) timed programs.

Long-Lasting Operation – Includes permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors, providing extended motor life and quieter and cooler operation, especially at lower speeds.

Certified Cost Savings – The VS FloPro™ 1.65 HP variable-speed pump is ENERGY STAR® certified, signifying it meets or exceeds energy-efficiency guidelines.

VS FloPro 1.85 HP
115v/230v Dual Voltage Capability – The ability to operate with either 115v or 230v power sources while providing the same hydraulic performance at both voltages eliminates expensive main power rewiring without compromising performance.

Ultra High-Efficiency Motor – Fully programmable variable-speed pump, allowing you to program the pump for optimal performance and cost savings.

Large Pump Basket – 20% larger strainer basket than the leading competitor for less maintenance and improved efficiency when loaded with debris.

Quiet Operation – Advanced motor design allows the VS FloPro 1.85 HP pump to run at energy-saving lower speeds for noticeably quieter operation.

Space-Saving Design – At just 24.5” in length, and with the zero clearance TEFC motor, it’s an ideal aftermarket solution for tight equipment pads and replacement of older single-speed pumps.

Easy Installation – Includes an innovative adjustable base for quick and easy replacement of existing pumps.

VS FloPro 2.7 HP DV2A
The improved VS FloPro 2.7 HP now generates higher head pressure and flow rates to accommodate a large pool and spa designs with features such as waterfalls, jets, in-floor cleaning, and solar heating systems.

The ability to operate with either 115v or 230v power sources provides installation flexibility and eliminates expensive main power rewiring, making the VS FloPro 2.7 HP the ideal aftermarket replacement pump.

Two auxiliary relays can be used to control other pool equipment, such as booster pumps and salt chlorinators, for easier installation and operation. No need for additional timeclocks!
The advanced motor design allows the VS FloPro 2.7 HP pump to run at energy-saving lower speeds for noticeably quieter operation.

At just 24½” in length, and with the zero clearance TEFC motor, it’s an ideal aftermarket solution for tight equipment pads and replacement of older single-speed pumps.

VS PlusHP 2.7 DV2A
115v/230v Dual Voltage – Auto-sensing dual voltage variable-speed motor automatically recognizes and adapts to 115- or 230-volt power supplies, providing installation flexibility and eliminating the need for expensive main power rewiring.

Maximum Convenience – Featuring two auxiliary relays which, when combined with iQPUMP01, enables instant automation for your pump — plus two additional pieces of equipment — eliminating the need for an extra time clock to control equipment such as a booster pump or salt chlorinator.

Maximum Efficiency – Small pump baskets fill faster — restricting flow and eroding performance. The VS PlusHP, with its oversized basket, delivers more consistent performance and better efficiency under real-world conditions — with a smaller motor.

Quiet Operation – The advanced motor design of the VS PlusHP generates up to 70% less noise than single-speed pumps.

Durable, Dependable Motor – Features a Zero Clearance Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) permanent magnet brushless DC motor that provides cooler operation and extended motor life.

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