An Overview of Leslie’s Wholesale: Benefits Such as Referrals, Wholesale Pricing and 950 Locations!

I think one of the best keep secrets and very unintentionally is the fact that Lesli’s Pool Supplies also has a growing Wholesale Division. The difficulty in getting the word out is that everyone sees Leslie’s as a retail pool store. They get that. That is why Brian Agnew and Chad Christensen recently sat down with me to go over the ins and outs of Leslie’s Wholesale Division.

To help implement even greater rewards they also recently launched the Leslie’s Pro program in which wholesale pool shoppers can get added benefits above and beyond just wholesale pricing.

How to open an account:
Simply go into a local Leslie’s store – there are over 950 of them and ask the manager about opening a wholesale account. All you need is a business card basically and you are all set. If you want to be part of Leslie’s Pool Service Provider Program you would need at least $1 million dollars in General Liability Insurance. You can also open an account online by going to this link and entering your email address:

Wholesale Pricing:
Of course, the number one benefit of opening a Leslie’s Wholesale account is the fact that you get wholesale pricing. With over 950 locations purchasing your pool service equipment and chemicals couldn’t be simpler. The pricing lines up really well with other Wholesale outlets and you get the added convenience of getting in and out quickly.

Customer Referrals (Leslie’s Pro Program only):
As a Leslie’s Pool Service Provider (PSP) you get referred to any customers that need weekly pool service since Leslie’s does not do pool service. Note: you must spend $15,000 a year and have at least $1 million in General Liability Insurance to get referrals.

Discount on SPSPA General Liability Insurance (Leslie’s Pro Only):
As a Leslie’s Pro member you will receive discounts on your general liability insurance. See store benefit sheet for details.

Discount on Skimmer Software (Leslie’s Pro Only):
As a Leslie’s Pro member get a discount when you sign up for Skimmer pool routing software. This software will keep you organized, increase profits and allow you to do one push billing and invoicing each month saving you a ton of time and effort.

Longer Store Hours:
The store hours are also longer than your local wholesale supplier and they are open on Saturdays and Sundays. So shop for parts and chemicals 7-days a week and even stop by in the evening to get your supplies.

Free Water Testing:
You also get free water testing. Have a pool where the water test seems off? No problem, take a water sample in and let Leslie’s test it for you.

Free Cleaner Repairs:
Free automatic cleaner repairs. You just pay for the parts. No time to fix that broken cleaner on your pool route? Leslie’s will fix it for you so you can spend your time doing more productive things.

Equipment Installs:
Don’t have the time or the experience to do a pump or filter install? Leslie’s will install equipment on your service accounts and also offer extended warranties in many cases. Utilize this great resource and rest assured that no one will try to steal your service account (since Leslie’s does not do weekly pool service).

There really is no good reason not to open a wholesale account at Leslie’s Pool Supply. The managers are there to help you in any way they can and local Leslie’s Sales Reps will make sure that all of your needs are taken care of.

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