All Season Turf Full Front Yard Remodel: Turf, River Rock Landscaping and Stamped Concrete!

I recently hired All Season Turf for the 3rd time to remodel a rental property in Hesperia California. They put in turf, a river rock landscaping and stamped concrete. We really like this company and I film the videos for them at no charge because I respect the workmanship of this company.

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About All Season Turf
“All Season Turf is a family-owned and operated company with ample experience in using American-made TigerTurf artificial turf for both residential and commercial applications. We take great pride in the quality of our work, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.”

All Season Turf services Los Angeles County California, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego, Riverside County and the surrounding communities.

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Complete Backyard Remodel! Stamped Concrete, Artificial Turf, and More: Featuring All Season Turf:

In my neighborhood out of the 110 homes in our community, All Season Turf has now done over 8 front and back yards and they will be closing in on 10% of the neighborhood as more referrals are completed. They are that good. If you’re wondering about the turf brand it is Tiger Turf. Made here in the USA and it comes with a 15-year warranty. We have used it on all three of our projects.

Diamond Pro Spring:

To me, this is the most real-looking turf out there. It is not cheap and if you want cheap of course you can get another turf grade. We like this one because it is good for moderate to heavy traffic and looks just like freshly mowed grass.

This project was 1,300 sq ft of turf and 300 sq ft of cement plus the River Rock Landscaping. The River was my wife’s idea and I think it adds a lot of character and definition to the project. Otherwise, it would be a large area of turf, which wouldn’t look bad but it would just be a large area of turf. I think having a river in the center adds to the overall “Oasis in the desert look.” In case you are wondering most of the landscaping in Hesperia Ca is just dirt and gravel. So this is something very different for the area.

Stamped Concrete is something that All Season Turf specializes in and I think if you get any concrete work done, it is a good idea to get it stamped. There are so many different stamp patterns available and it will turn a basic project into something stunning.

For this driveway, we went with a dark grey look to match the house more and give the project some contrast.

The cement color was Davis Graphite Dark Grey Carbon 8084 and in the pouring of the cement, it looks very black. It should lighten up over time and turn out to be a darker grey color.

For the stamp, we went with the Pro-Line Ashlar Roman Slate which gives it a paver look.
I think it all comes together nicely to give the project a unique look.

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