Adding Borates to Your Pool is a Real Game Changer!

I am all in when it comes to adding Borates to your Swimming Pool. There are just so many great benefits and the cost to do so for the average size pool is around $50.00. Adding Borates to your pool to achieve a level of 30-50 ppm has many benefits. I have a series of videos on Borates and highly recommend adding Borates to your pool. I have added Borates to my pool and couldn’t be happier. The results are well worth it.

Here are the proven benefits of having a Borate level of 30-50 ppm:
Lower Chlorine usage: The Borate helps reduce chlorine usage by eliminating Carbon Dioxide and also by keeping the pH stable. Chlorine last longer when the pH is right at 7.6-7.8. When the chlorine is in the ideal range the killing element in chlorine the HOCI is at the most balanced percentage so the chlorine in a pool with a pH of 7.4 is 30% more effective than in a pool with a pH of 8.0. This is a big factor in creating the safest swim environment and the borates will keep the pH much more stable and in turn, make the chlorine much more effective.

pH is stable:
The pH won’t change much in a pool with Borate in it. So, if you have a Salt Water Pool this is a must since the pH tends to rise dramatically. In fact, in a Salt Water Pool the pH can rise to over 8.4 very rapidly. You will find yourself putting tons of acid in each week just to keep the pH below 7.8. With borates in the pool, the pH will be stable and easy to control. It is a must for a pool with a Salt Water Generator. It also will keep your salt cell from building up calcium rapidly since is sequesters the Calcium in the water. This means the salt cell will remain clean and your salt system will run much more efficiently.

Water is more sparkling:
The Borate is more reflective so when the sun hits the pool the water will really sparkle. The fact that it sequesters calcium will give the water an added clarity and you will notice the sparkle is almost blinding. The difference is very marked and noticeable and it is a good bonus benefit of borates.

Softer and less irritating water:
The water feels softer and doesn’t burn your eyes. It also will keep your skin and hair hydrated so after swimming your skin won’t be as dried out. Borax has been used for a very long time as a softener for laundry. You will find it in the laundry aisle and it makes sense that it will also make the water feel softer and prevent dry skin.

Less Algae growth:
Boric Acid is a known Biostat. This prevents the algae cell from forming and multiplying. Thus, a pool with a Borate level between 30-50 ppm will prevent algae growth. Since borate prevents the algae cell from growing, algae blooms will be a thing of the past. No more algaecides or shocking the pool, algae just won’t grow in your pool any longer.

Borates in the water also don’t evaporate so the initial dose will not need to be added every season. Simply measure the borate level at the beginning of the season and add a maintenance dose to bring the level back up to 30-50 ppm. It can leave the water through filter backwashing, splash out and it is diluted by freshwater.

In some estimates, you will use 40% fewer chemicals in your pool during the season. Imagine cutting your chemical use and cost in half! This is one of the best benefits of adding borates. Since it buffers the pH you will need less acid week to week. Since it enhances the chlorine by keeping the pH stable you will use less chlorine each week. And since it prevents algae from growing you will not need to add algaecides or add large amounts of a shock to your pool. There really is no good reason not to add borates to your pool.

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