Acid Magic “The User-Friendly Muriatic Acid”: How to Use to Lower pH in a Pool

Acid Magic is Hydrochloric Acid with the same strength as 31.45% Muriatic Acid but it has some great benefits over Muriatic Acid. Acid Magic has 90% fewer fumes than Muriatic Acid and it has a buffering agent that will protect your skin from getting burned. It also won’t etch the surface like Muriatic Acid and it is a safe alternative or as they say, a user-friendly form of Muriatic Acid.

Here is more about the product from the manufacturer Certol:
ACID Magic is a full-strength muriatic-based product formulated to ship, use, and store easier than standard muriatic acid. This revolutionary blend of proprietary ingredients offers the cleaning and pH reduction of powerful acids while providing increased usability.

• Tested safe in all heated/unheated pools.
• ACID Magic is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 50.
• Adjusts pool and spa water chemistry.
• Extremely effective acid wash.
• Cleans filters, chlorine generators, and meter electrodes.

• ACID Magic is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60.
• Corrosion and scale control.
• Descaler.
• pH adjustment.

• Use to etch concrete in preparation for painting.
• Removes efflorescence from masonry.
• Cleans excess mortar from brick and cinder block.
• Removes rust, scale, mineral build-up, and stains.
• Certified NSF Category A3 and Certified Kosher for cleaning food processing equipment.
• Cleans tile and porcelain in restrooms and locker rooms.
• ACID Magic has many other uses, too!

• Up to 90% fewer fumes than standard muriatic acid.
• Buffering agents prevent burns from intact skin.
• Clean and clarify like full strength 20° Baume, 31.45%, muriatic acid.
• Use ACID Magic exactly as you would standard muriatic acid.

• Reduced fumes equal a better working environment. Also, less corrosion to storage areas, pump rooms, and equipment.
• Quarts and gallons ship Limited Quantity.
• Eliminates the risk of burns to intact skin.
• Less fuming means less evaporation of acid into the air.
• ACID Magic has all the strength of standard muriatic acid, but with less harmful effects

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