9 Common SALT WATER POOL MAINTENANCE Mistakes | Swim University

Salt water pool maintenance is a bit different than traditional pool care. While you don’t have to add as many chemicals with a salt water pool, you do have to balance your water and care for your pool equipment, like your salt water generator, a little differently. Here are 9 common salt water pool maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to Salt Water Pool Maintenance
00:37 – Mistake #1. Thinking A Salt Water Pool Has No Chlorine
01:06 – Mistake #2. Not Testing Free Chlorine Each Week
01:49 – Mistake #3. Not Keeping pH Levels In Check
02:29 – Mistake #4. Adding Too Much Salt Too Quickly
03:02 – Mistake #5. Not Testing Salinity Levels By Hand
03:34 – Mistake #6. Not Balancing Alkalinity, Stabilizer, and Calcium Each Month
05:15 – Mistake #7. Forgetting To Shock Pool Regularly
06:11 – Mistake #8. Letting High Salt Levels Erode Pool Surfaces and Equipment
06:59 – Mistake #9. Forgetting To Inspect Your Salt Cell

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The Key to Getting an Ideally Efficient Pool Pump

Ever thought of how hard the entire task a swimming pool pump has to carry out on a daily basis? There’s a lot of energy required to efficiently force all the water from a pool through a series of pipes and lines then go through the debris skimmer all the way through the filter system and back into the swimming pool.

Being One With God

Undoubtedly, a swimming pool is truly a part of any pool owner’s home. Most absolutely, a pool is on an outdoor space, such space is an extension of the indoor living space. With that said, there is a need to do a blessing on a swimming pool as there is a need to bless one’s house. This is to make sure that your pool and it’s vicinity is one with GOD.

Going Beyond the Norms

A swimming pool can be such a joy to the whole family. Everybody can just stay home and cuddle by the pool. Parents can teach their kids how to swim in the day. And in the night, as the tiki torches light up with the stars, the husband and wife can spend some precious alone time while swimming in the pool.

What Does a Pool Heating Device Do?

Swimming pool heat pumps are responsible for heating your swimming pool water. Nowadays, swimming pool heat pumps have become more efficient than the ones that were manufactured a few years ago.

Pool Filters: A Must Have for a Non-Stop Swimming Fun

So it’s the time of year when most people are flocking to various resorts to enjoy swimming. If you are one of those who own a pool in their backyards then you must check if your pool is all set for your family’s swimming fun. The very first thing that you have to ensure is whether your pool filters are in good condition.

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