If you’re getting ready to close or winterize your pool, you may be asking a few common questions: Should you add antifreeze to your water? What about shock or algaecide? And should you drain your pool or leave the water where it is? Here are 7 common pool closing and winterizing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to Pool Closing and Winterization Mistakes
00:41 – Mistake #1. Closing Your Pool Too Early
01:37 – Mistake #2. Draining Your Pool
04:07 – Mistake #3. Using Antifreeze Instead Of Winterizing Your Lines
05:25 – Mistake #4. Storing Your Pool Gear In The Wrong Place
06:21 – Mistake #5. Not Cleaning Your Pool Before Your Close
06:48 – Mistake #6. Not Balancing Your Water Before Your Close
07:44 – Mistake #7. Using Bricks Or Stones To Hold Down Your Winter Cover

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Tips For Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance

When you become a swimming pool owner – either because you bought a house with a pool or because you decided to install one yourself, here are some tips to keep your pool in swimming-shape. You don’t want to lose swimming opportunities just because your chemical balances are out of line.

How To Get The Wrinkles Out Of Your Swimming Pool

When you jump into your swimming pool you are looking for a swimming pool liner that is smooth and wrinkle-free, right? When your contractor is installing the liner, he or she will do their best to make certain there are no wrinkles – they will work them out during the filling of the structure. If your liner has been correctly installed, there is little chance of it wrinkling. Truly the chance of your liner wrinkling has more to do with proper installation techniques than with any other aspect of your construction project.

Ten Tips To Open Your Swimming Pool

There’s sunshine in the air and it feels like spring is fast approaching. Once spring is past, summer is on its way and with summer comes swim season! Here are our top ten tips to get your swimming pool ready for the season.

Think Shape When It Comes To Unique Pool Designs

When it comes to designing your swimming pool, homeowners in Michigan know that gone are the days when you could choose from oval and rectangle shapes. Today’s pool builders and designers and the materials used to construct swimming pools have taken the ordinary pool design and moved it up to something extraordinary.

Winter Can Wreak Havoc On An Above Ground Pool

If you live in an area of the country that experiences deep freezes, ice and snow you know that winter can cause all sorts of damage to an above ground swimming pool. You will need to take precautions and spend some time winterizing your swimming pool to help prevent damage.

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