4 CHLORINE Alternatives To Sanitize Your POOL | Swim University

Are you looking for a chlorine-free option to sanitize your pool? Whether you want to completely eliminate chlorine or you just want to use less of it, pool maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing is possible without just having to use chlorine shock or chlorine-based sanitizer. Here are the best chlorine alternatives to sanitize your inground or above ground pool.

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Swimming Pool Equipment – New Trends

If you are planning to build a backyard city pool in your home, consider the new trends in building a swimming pool. An in-ground swimming pool will enhance the beauty of your backyard and at the same time provide a great way for the entire family to get more pleasure out of hot summer months.

Read More About Pool Repair and Cleaning

Many people, who have a swimming pool at home, consider it as a status symbol. However, are they ready to maintain the pool in a clean and spotless way? Swimming pools can get dirty very quickly, if not maintained properly, and this being a job for professionals, it is best you leave it to them, as they know all the nuances of maintaining it in the proper way.

How to Design Your Own Swimming Pool

A swimming pool will make a fun addition to any home. Instead of getting a ready-built pool, you can design your own pool exactly to your specifications. There are so many factors to take into consideration during the design process that it can be a hard task to know where to start.

How Pools Add To Your Quality of Life

Pools give homeowners a higher quality of life. A swimming pool brings improved health, relationships, and financial wellbeing with its installation.

Purchasing a Hot Tub for Your New Home

If you are in the market for a hot tub, it is important to purchase the right one. Many are not cheap, so it is important to look at what your budget can afford, the purchase’s purpose, and whether or not it has the attributes you desire.

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